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Preconsortium Workshop 1: Neuroscience for Coaching Leaders: Deepening Your Expertise

Presented by Robert Eichinger, TeamTelligent, LLC, and MatrixInsights

Workshop Description:

Personal, team and enterprise changes may be difficult for many organizational leaders. Many areas within I-O and Consulting Psychology and HR practices including leadership, coaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring contain various aspects of applied change management science. Applying change management approaches and practices may help employees, teams, enterprises and clients to change their behaviors, viewpoints, beliefs and/or personal characteristics leading to symptom relief and/or adjustive behavior. Tracking of change initiatives over time has shown more failure than success not only for individuals, teams and entire enterprises, but for countries and global initiatives (e.g., climate change and regional peace) as well. The change construct has been studied for decades/centuries and has produced a number of consistent findings that educate organizational leaders, consultants, and therapists. Recently, neuroscience-based research is informing I-O and organizational consulting psychologists’ and HR professionals’ approaches to understanding change management behaviors in leaders, employees, and organizations. With this comes an additional inquiry: What is the brain’s role in change efforts? Why do embedded routines and habituation win over uniqueness and adaptive or adjustive responses and actions? With increased understanding of the workings of the brain, we can be of better service to our clients and patients facilitating change. Emerging hybrid practices and techniques of existing change management along with newer neuroscience-based research approaches are showing promise. In this workshop new practice techniques in change management will be suggested and discussed as we all begin to digest and integrate brain science and behavior change.

Intended Audience:

The instructional level of this session is intermediate. It is intended for a general audience at a post-graduate level; no specific content knowledge is required. I-O psychologists, HR practitioners, and managers who lead strategy development may benefit from this session.

Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to help participants:

  1. List examples supporting the thesis that personal change is difficult and many have trouble overcoming resistance to change.
  2. Explain advances in brain science that help explain why so many employees, teams, and enterprises have trouble in personal and organizational change situations.
  3. Describe how neuroscience-based approaches can be used to work with clients, patients, and employees to increase results efficacy.
  4. Identify reasons why taking the perspective that “you are not your brain” might help a person more successfully manage personal change in the face of resistance from the brain.
  5. Identify how I-O and organizational consulting psychologists and HR practitioners can use neuroscience-based approaches to inform strategy development and change within organizations.

Presenter Biography:

Bob Eichinger is the current President of TeamTelligent, LLC and the Senior Director of Solutions for MatrixInsights. Both organizations that Bob leads are engaged in the creation of web applications for talent development. He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota. He is the co-creator of the concept of learning agility, a leading predictor of effective leadership and his research interests include studying NeuroLeadership with the goal of developing tools for managers and executives to manage their brain resources more effectively. Bob is the co-founder and CEO of Lominger International. Prior experience includes his position as Vice Chairman of the Korn/Ferry Institute for Korn/Ferry International and leading employment, training and executive development with Pillsbury in Minneapolis. Also, he was the Director of management development with PepsiCo in New York in three divisions: PepsiCola USA; PepsiCo International, where he was in charge of international executive development; and PepsiCo Corporate, where he led executive development across all of PepsiCo. Dr. Eichinger has also spent a decade with LWFW, a consulting firm in Texas specializing in executive assessment and development, training and development, organization development, quality and work design, and market research. Bob has given feedback to and been the coach of hundreds of senior level executives over his career and has authored over 50 books, software products, and other intellectual property around the topic of talent management and succession planning.

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