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SIOP Sponsorship Policy
 1. Corporate relationships must uphold SIOP’s mission and preserve constituent trust
SIOP will refrain from associating with companies that have the potential to damage SIOP’s image because of the nature of the companies’ products, services, or reputation. Standards include:
A.     The company’s products or services must be compatible with and complement SIOP’s mission and values.
B.     The company must have a high degree of integrity, a strong corporate reputation, and a track record of maintaining a high level of product/service quality.
C.     The company must demonstrate ethical business practices and a positive image.
2. SIOP does not directly endorse products or services
Although SIOP offers partnership opportunities, such opportunities do not provide for endorsement of an organization’s product or service.
3. SIOP always maintains control of its marks/logos.
The SIOP marks/logos may not be used in a manner that expresses or implies endorsement of a partner’s products or services.