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SIOP Partnership Policy

1. Partnerships must uphold SIOP’s mission and pre­serve constituent trust:

SIOP will refrain from associating with organizations that have the potential to damage SIOP’s image because of the nature of the organizations’ products, services or reputation. Standards include:

  1. The organization’s products or services must be compatible with and complement SIOP’s mission and values.
  2. The organization must have a high degree of integrity, a good reputation and a track record of maintaining a high level of product/service quality.
  3. The organization must demonstrate ethical business practices and a positive image.

2. SIOP does not directly endorse products or services:

While SIOP partners with other organizations through offering sponsorship, exhibiting, and advertising opportunities, such a relationship does not provide for endorse­ment of an organization’s product or service.

3. SIOP always maintains control of its marks/logos:

The SIOP marks/logos may not be used in a manner that expresses or implies endorse­ment of a partner’s products or services.

Revised 9/2015