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2019 Searchable Conference Program
and Personal Scheduler

Welcome to the searchable program for SIOP's 34th annual conference in Anaheim, California. This program was designed to give attendees a tool to maxamize their conference experience. The program allows you to search all of the conference sessions and events and then to build a schedule you can share with friends and colleagues. You do need to be logged in to add a session to your schedule. See a complete list of features below.

Search features:
  • Search by presenters affiliation
  • Search by presents last name
  • Search by the title of the session
  • Search by one or multiple content areas
  • Search by the time of session
  • Filter your results by time
  • Easy interface to allow you to add a session to your schedule, just find a session that interests you and click on the "Add to Schedule" button for that session
Schedule Features
  • Add or remove SIOP sessions to your personal schedule
  • Add or remove your personal appointments (only visible to you)
  • Download your schedule to your email or phone that supports .ical files, or download a hardcopy of your schedule to Excel or PDF
  • Make your schedule visible to other attendees so friends and colleagues can see your schedules online
Privacy Settings
  • You can control whether your schedule is viewable to others (public) or only to you (private). The first time you sign in to the conference program you will be asked to review your settings. You can edit these settings at anytime
  • Your schedule is set to private unless you make it public
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