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SIOP HomeProsocial I-O → Victoria Mattingly

SIOP Spotlight on Pro-social Work: Victoria Mattingly, M. S.

Victoria Mattingly is a SIOP student member, an I-O Ph.D. student at Colorado State University (CSU), and an consulting intern at DDI.  She specializes in using innovative strategies to increase engagement and learning outcomes for workplace training and leadership development solutions. She also has expertise in the train-ability of emotional intelligence, how organizations can best support working parents, promoting gender equality in the workplace (her current mission and passion). Throughout her various leadership roles, she has been involved in a variety of programs and practices which highlight the very best of I-O pro-social involvement.

After completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Communications at the University of Pittsburgh, Victoria volunteered with the Teach for America Summer Institute, where she was responsible for designing and administering a 5-week summer school curriculum.  Recognizing her passion for training and program evaluation, she sought research and applied opportunities with Portland State University, Kronos Talent Management, and Pacific Research and Evaluation to develop her expertise, and finally landed at CSU.

When she arrived at CSU, Victoria noticed many of the I-O undergraduate students were interested in pursuing graduate school, but struggled to navigate the application process on their own.  She responded by leading the development and execution of a mentoring program to connect these undergrads with current I-O graduate students to help them the grad school application process.  The program “Mentoring Undergrads to Graduate School Success” (MUGSS) helps undergrads craft personal statements, select schools, and obtain research experience.  MUGSS has since expanded to include all CSU undergraduate psychology students interested in graduate education (beyond just I-O).

Victoria also volunteers as a member of the SIOP Visibility committee.  She serves on the HR/Business subcommittee, where she is chairing the Top Minds/Bottom Lines event, a twice-yearly event before the LEC and annual SIOP conference.  The event is tailored to communicate I-O skills and expertise to a non-I-O audience.  Victoria is involved because she is not only passionate about I-O herself, but is also passionate about building awareness of our field.

Now at DDI, Victoria has joined a partnership with New Choices Career Development Services.  New Choices offers classes to women transitioning to the workforce, providing training in technical skills as well as communication, goal-setting, and conflict resolution.  As a training facilitator, Victoria enjoys the opportunity to combine her passion for training and enabling women to be successful at work.  She also plans on developing curriculum to target men as ‘allies’ in the workplace by helping their female co-workers develop into leaders.

She attributes much of her success to great role-models and mentorship she has received, but also advocates for an agile approach to pro-social involvement.  Victoria recommends starting now, even if the product or program isn’t perfect; apply the I-O knowledge base to solve important problems as they are identified, as opposed to waiting to be told but rather “and ask for forgiveness later.” Her life mission to challenge and inspire others to use their unique skills to make positive change not only in the workplace, but for society at large.