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SIOP HomeProsocial I-O → Amanda Palmer

SIOP Spotlight on Pro-social  and Advocacy Work: Amanda Palmer

Dr. Amanda Palmer is a SIOP member and an Organizational Development Project Manager with E. & J. Gallo Winery in Modesto, California Amanda’s interests in doing prosocial work began at a young age when she started volunteering at a hospital in her hometown of Monterey, CA. While completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Rice University, Amanda continued this work internationally, tutoring children in Spain for a semester and teaching English for a summer in Mexico. When Amanda started an I/O Ph.D. program at the University of Houston, she sought out other opportunities to continue being engaged in her local community.

This search brought her to the Refugee Services of Texas (RST) in Houston. RST allowed Amanda to use her cultural awareness and I/O training by serving as a Cultural Orientation Trainer. In this role, Amanda helped new refugees and asylum-seekers understand and navigate the work environment in the United States. Furthermore, she helped with job placement by identifying the industries and jobs most relevant to a person’s previous work experience in another country.

For Amanda, pursuing this opportunity to do prosocial work with RST was a way for her to fulfill her value of serving others in her community. In addition, Amanda was able to put her I/O training into practice, expand and develop her professional skillset, and broaden her social network.

To learn more about Amanda’s work, please visit the Refugee Services of Texas website here, or visit her LinkedIn page here or contact her via Twitter at @amandapalmer.