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Psychology at Work

What Do I-O Psychologists Really Do?

Sometimes one of the most difficult things for Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychologists to explain to non-I-O psychologists is what exactly it is that they do.

The field of I-O psychology is, in fact, a varied one, encompassing almost any aspect of the workplace and people within organizations. I-O psychologists’ job titles and employment environments can be even more varied—ranging from employment consultants in private firms to testing and assessment experts in government agencies to human factors professors in University or research settings. (For a PDF explaining potential job titles of I-O psychologists, read “What’s in a Name?” here. For informational brochures about I-O, click here.)

The following are editions of SIOP's series, Psychology at Work, a list of member profiles related to better explaining the myriad career paths and research interests explored by SIOP members as well as the numerous contributions and innovations the field of I-O psychology has made to the workplace. For each profile, we delve into the job of a SIOP member to gain a greater depth of insight into what they do, who they work with, how their work affects others, and why they believe I-O psychology matters.

We are continuously accepting profile submissions from members. If you would like to submit your profile for consideration, please fill out the questionnaire here and email it along with a photo of yourself to the SIOP Administrative Office at siop@siop.org.   

Erica Hartman-Associate Director, APTMetrics

Kenneth De Meuse-Principal and President, Wisconsin Management Group

Emily Solberg-Senior Consultant, Valtera Corporation

Jenny Hoobler-Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago  

Kevin Kramer-Vice President, Human Resources, Tower Federal Credit Union

LT Tatana Olson-Strategic Analyst, U.S. Navy

Valerie Sessa-Associate Professor, Montclair State University

Ben Dattner-Founding Principal, Dattner Consulting, LLC

Katie Gerson-Talent Analyst, U.S. Strategic Command

Carl Persing-Research and Solutions Advisor, Metrus Group 

Gunnar Schrah-Director, Global Selection & Talent Management, TeleTech Holdings