Year End Report of the SIOP Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee had a very busy and successful year!  Heading into the year, we had 5 active subcommittees. As of the end of this year, 1 of the subcommittees has ended and 4 remain active. A listing of the goals (established at the beginning of the year) and the progress toward them for each of the active subcommittees is provided below. In addition, three new subcommittees were established in response to comments/suggestions during the SIOP Strategic Planning Working Meeting in September.  Information on each of these new committees is also provided below. Finally, the Education and Training Committee will be hosting or sponsoring several sessions on the Conference program this year (New York).  These sessions are also described below.

Goals and Progress for Subcommittees that Ended During the Year

Benchmarking Undergraduate Concentration in I-O Study
Chair: Jennifer Bott
Goal: Analyze the results of a survey distributed to SIOP members in Spring 2006 regarding undergraduate concentrations in I-O and publish the results of this analysis in TIP

This subcommittee met its goal. Specifically, the results of the study were written up and were published in TIP.

Goals and Progress for the Active Subcommittees

Ambassadors Program
Chair:  Todd Harris
Goal: Have the I-O Ambassador's Program officially launched by the end of the Fall semester, 2006. "Officially launched" will be defined as having at least one person go out to a college or university to do a talk, in keeping with the purpose of the program.

Although the program has not officially launched yet – no one has as of yet given a talk – this subcommittee has made substantial progress. As of January 1, 2007, 921 SIOP members have volunteered to serve as Ambassadors. This is an outstanding show of support from our members! The delay in launching this program is due to difficulties in advertising the program. However, at present, we have submitted articles about the program to the APA Monitor and the APS Observer (we have not heard back from the editors of these publications at present). We have also obtained a list of psychology department chairs from the COGDOP listserve.

Action Item: We would ask that SIOP officially send an email announcement about the program to the psychology department chairs.

Masters Student Consortium
Chair:  Dan Sachau
Goal:  Hold a successful Master’s student consortium at the 2007 SIOP conference

The consortium will take place on Thursday, April 26th from 1:00 – 7:00 pm.  We had originally hoped for 40 participants.  It became clear very quickly that we had underestimated student interest in a consortium.  Over 100 students applied to be participants.  We expanded enrollment to 65 participants (from 37 different master’s program’s) and could have expanded further had it not been for space restrictions at the conference hotel.  

Consortium Speakers:

  • Mike Erisman, Radford University, Senior Director Human Resources , Microsoft Marketing, Redmond, WA
  • Ali Jerden, Middle Tennessee State University , Senior Consultant, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
  • Pamela Karle, New York University, Americas Employee Satisfaction Program Manager IBM, New York, NY
  • Allison Lamazor, San Francisco State University, Assessment & Selection Talent Acquisition & Development, American Express, New York, NY
  • Jessica Meyer, Consultant Personnel Decisions International - PDI New York, New York, New York 
  • Christine Stanek, Minnesota State University, Sr. Manager, Amgen Global Development Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA

In designing the consortium, the committee:

  • Created a new mailing list of the I-O master’s programs
  • Completed a study of the number of students from each masters program who attended the 2006 SIOP
  • Asked master’s program chairs to nominate alumni to speak
  • Invited and selected speakers who had graduated from masters programs to speak at the consortium.  
  • Created an enrollment packet with poster and mailed this to all of the master’s programs
  • Created a consortium web site
  • Circulated an on-line survey to all of the participants asking them about their expectation and learning objectives.
  • Will distribute the results of the survey to the speakers
  • Created a Consortium PowerPoint template for all of the speakers.
  • Created a Consortium Planning Guide that contains deadlines, sample speaker invitation letters, sample recruitment materials, to do lists, etc.  This will be passed to the next Consortium Chair.
  • Scheduled a SIOP luncheon for the consortium speakers and their former academic advisors.
  • Is scheduling a meeting of the Consortium Planning Committee for SIOP

In sum, the MA Consortium has come together nicely. Student interest in the program is high and there are many graduates who are interested in serving as speakers. 

Teaching Aids (Wiki Website)
Chair:  Michael Horvath
Goals: Increase the usability and use of the teaching aides wiki website.

  • Increase the website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects).
  • Increase instructors’ use of the website
  • Improve the organization and usability of the website

This subcommittee was hampered by unanticipated problems with the SIOP website. When SIOP changed Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) in the summer of 2006, the Wiki site no longer worked as intended (i.e., users were no longer able to submit materials). This problem wasn’t resolved until January 2007. Despite these issues, we have met or made progress on most of our goals. Evidence of progress can be seen in the following:

  • The number of syllabi has increased from 2 to 7
  • In-class activities have increased from 3 to 12
  • Out-of-class projects have increased from 1 to 3
  • The number of people contributing content to the site has increased from 4 to 13
  • According to the hit counts on the website, we exceeded our goal of 100 hits. Most of the relevant pages have had more than 300 hits, although we have no way of knowing whether these hits were from our target audience
  • We are scheduled to make a presentation on the website at an Education, Teaching, and Learning Forum at the SIOP conference this year.

High School Teachers Outreach and Workshops
Chair:  Elise Amel
Goals: Complete the development of the High School Outreach workshops and advertise the program

After editing the High School I-O Unit to make all the modules consistent in form, we asked several high school psychology teachers to look it over. They responded with feedback, mostly that the leadership module was a bit over the top for high school students.  We are working on an alternate leadership module. The exciting news is that our workshop to help high school psychology teachers integrate I-O into their classes was accepted for APA this coming August. It will be cosponsored by Div 14 and TOPPS, and TOPPS is getting the word out to HS teachers in the Bay Area.

New Subcommittees

Consulting Skills Acquisition
Chair: Marcus Dickson

In 1999, the Education and Training Committee of SIOP developed a set of guidelines for doctoral level education in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The authors of the document identified 25 competency areas, with the first of these areas Consulting and Business Skills (see for a full definition). The charge of this subcommittee is to examine the state of education on this competence area within I-O doctoral programs. Specifically, this subcommittee is tasked with surveying I-O doctoral and MA programs to identify: (a) how many programs actively teach consulting skills, (b) the methods for teaching consulting skills, and (c) the specific skills being taught. This subcommittee is also tasked with surveying a set of practitioner organizations to identify: (a) the consulting skills expected for new PhD and MA recipients and (b) the extent to which their recent hires at these levels possessed acceptable levels of these skills. Finally, the subcommittee is tasked with using the information from the surveys to identify areas where training programs need to improve with respect to training consulting skills.

The outcome of this subcommittees work will be an article for TIP.

Grad Student Grant Writing Training Module
Chair: Nathan Kuncel

Grant writing is becoming increasingly important element of academic life. Traditionally, I-O psychologists have not felt this pressure to the same extreme as psychologists engaged in other areas of study. However, I-O psychologists are increasingly feeling the need to obtain grant funding to support their research initiatives and graduate students. As such, it seems appropriate for SIOP to do what it can to help graduate students learn how to obtain grants. This subcommittee is charged with developing a set of self-study materials for advanced graduate students. The materials should deal with issues such as identifying grant opportunities, writing grants (i.e., tone, scope, level of detail, etc), and perhaps even managing grants.

The outcome of this committee will be a set of self-study materials (perhaps a power point presentation with associated notes).

Materials for Introductory Psychology
Chair: Zinta Byrne

In September of 2006 SIOP a set of SIOP members were called together in Chicago to do some strategic planning for the society. A small group working on setting strategic goals regarding visibility tasked adopted the goal of getting I-O content into introductory psychology courses at both the high school and undergraduate levels. It was decided that SIOP could make a set of materials available to those teaching these courses to facilitate the inclusion of I-O into introductory courses. The small group tasked the Education and Training Committee with collecting information on the types of materials that would be most useful to instructors of introductory psychology courses. This subcommittee is charged with collecting this information. specifically, the charge of this subcommittee is to collect information (likely through a survey) about (a) what materials would be helpful for instructors, (b) preferences for delivery method, and (c) how best to make instructors aware of the availability of this information.

There is some overlap between this subcommittee and a subcommittee of the Scientific Affairs committee being chaired by Stephanie Payne. We will need to coordinate with the Scientific Affairs chair and Dr. Payne on how coordinate these subcommittees.

Hosted/Sponsored SIOP Sessions

Conversation hour
Title:  Education Research Funding for I-O Psychologists
Abstract: Industrial-organizational (I-0) psychologists have the research expertise and skills needed to study the organizational structure and management/leadership issues that are endemic to public education. This Conversation Hour presented by the National Center for Education Research, U.S. Department of Education will discuss its education research funding opportunities for I-0 psychologists.
Host:  Katina R Stapleton    U.S. Department of Education

Special Event
Title: Special Event Hosted and Sponsored by the SIOP Education and Training Committee:  Building the Network:  A Working Session for Undergraduate I-O Programs
Abstract:  As part of SIOP's Education & Training Committee, we investigated the prevalence of undergraduate I-O concentrations and the availability of undergraduate courses.  This working session will allow us to further understand the needs of instructors and programs, disseminate tools and information, and begin to build a resource network for instructors.
Hosts:  Patrick R. Powaser    Oxy Inc.
Alice F. Stuhlmacher    DePaul Univ       
Jennifer P. Bott    Ball State Univ       
Eric D. Heggestad    University of North Carolina Charlotte       

Note that this special event is a direct outcome and follow-on to the Benchmarking Undergraduate Concentration in I-O Study subcommittee that was ended this year.

Special Event
Title:  Education and Training in I-O Psychology: Open Meeting of Educators
Abstract:  Each year the Education and Training Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee host an open meeting with directors of I-O graduate programs and others who have interest in educating the next generation of I-O psychologists. Bring your issues, concerns, and questions and participate in the discussion.
Hosts:  Eric D. Heggestad    University of North Carolina Charlotte
Kurt  Kraiger    Colorado State University

Program Directors Meeting

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