APS Committee Report

Verlin Hinsz

From the Goals Report provided June 2006, the following were listed as committee goals, time frame, and action steps.  Included were expected results and how the goal related to one or more of SIOP’s four strategic goals.  Actual results are presented in BOLD.

I do not believe that any issues need to be brought up at the Executive Committee meeting or need to be considered as action items.

1.  Increase the number of APS conference submissions from SIOP members. 

There were 74 submissions to the I-O track and about 20 more in the Motivation cross-cutting segment.

We will include an announcement in TIP as well as inform individual SIOP members.

The announcement was published in the January 2007 edition of TIP.

Relates to SIOP Goal #1.

2. Maintain or increase the number of SIOP members who attend the APS conference.

This might be difficult for 2007 because of the increase at APS in 2006 NYC.

No data on this yet, however, submissions APS-wide were near the record NYC numbers.

TIP announcement will help encourage APS attendance in DC.

Relates to SIOP Goals #1 & 4.
3.  Have at least one SIOP member included in the list of APS invited talks and/or addresses.

SIOP members are giving two invited addresses and four invited talks.

Relates to SIOP Goals #1.

4. Have at least one SIOP member included in the APS cross-cutting symposia.

Ruth Kanfer is giving a talk in the Motivation cross-cutting symposium.

Relates to SIOP Goals #1 & 4.

5. Have at least two invited symposia given by SIOP members at APS.

One invited symposium is organized by SIOP members, and the presenters are SIOP members. 

I have since found out that only one invited symposium is allowed.

Relates to SIOP Goals #1 & 4.

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