Awards Committee Report

Joyce Bono

We are still in the final stages of our spring round awards.  We received slightly fewer nominations, but I believe we will be making all awards with the possible exception of the Katzell Award, for which we received NO nominations from our membership. I have been in communication with Paul Mastrangelo who is chairing the Katzell award as well as with the SIOP Foundation (Paul Thayer) and Kitty Katzell (donor) and all are OK with witholding the award this year if we cannot identify a great first recipient for this new -- and unusual -- award. Plans are already in place for identifying a Katzell award winner for next year.

All in all, we had a productive year.

I think our only challenge and specific goal for this year was to get awards online. Despite much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth on my part, the SIOP office successfully put the Awards nomination and rating system online.  And, after months of tweaking and improvements, we have a relatively functional system.  The SIOP
office should be commended for their efforts in this regard.  It should be noted, (for the record and for future chairs) that putting awards online has centralized some of the duties of the Awards Committee (chair), such that a much higher level of coordination and administrative monitoring (and secretarial work) is now required of the Award Chair. Also, there is -- in my view - an increased risk of missing a nominee for an important award with the online system. We had several near misses this year, but in the end, the SIOP office worked closely with me to improve reporting,  so that any user errors can be caught insuring that all nominations are considered.  I have been in touch with Wendy Boswell, the incoming chair about the transition. She will not be in NYC but she and I will meet via conference call shortly after.

I will send a follow-up if we experience any problems in the final round of awards.

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