Membership Cluster Summary

April 2007

Awards- Joyce Bono (incoming Wendy Boswell)

  • Awards were submitted online this year for the first time.  She feels this has increased the more administrative monitoring is needed of the awards chair and an increased risk of missing nominations but steps were taken to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • All awards will be given except the Katzell Award. Plans are underway to work to identify potential nominees for next year. 
  • Joyce is working with Wendy Boswell, incoming Awards Chair, to share best practices, etc.

Fellowship- George Hollenbeck

All on track.

Historian- Michael Zickar (incoming Scott Highhouse)

All on track.

Membership- Mickey Quinones

All on track.

Placement and JobNet- Mindy Bergman

Some things being considered for this upcoming year:

  • Strategic issues around price increases- perhaps in years where we are located in “cheaper” cities to avoid overload and two years of increased. 
  • Electronic (not physical) mailboxes for Placement? This is a question that comes up in our constituency every year. Is this feasible? Is it a good move?
  • Considering impact of the three day conference on Placement.

CEMA (ad hoc committee)- Derek Avery

  • Located statistics on SIOP demographic profile from APA.  Planning a TIP column to increase awareness of the profile of our membership.
  • Committee continues to engage in discussions concerning data collection opportunities. Will work with membership cluster SIOP Champions to determine how best to accomplish this goal.
  • Revising CEMA mentorship program initiated by previous chairs. Planning to institute at 2007 meeting in NYC.

LGBT (ad hoc committee)- Mikki Hebl and Eden King

Here is a key update:

  • The first annual LGBT research award will be distributed at SIOP 2007. In addition, they have made significant progress toward establishing a permanent fund from which this award may be given. Following the recently initiated Emerging Issues fundraising plan (and with help from Paul Thayer and Linda Lentz) they have established a plan to raise $25,000 in five years to support the annual distribution of the award.

Teaching Institute (ad hoc committee)- Ronald Landis

  • A modified version of the Teaching Institute program was held on February 17th  at University of Memphis in conjunction with the Mid-South Undergraduate Psychology Conference.
  • Ron presented a summary of the activities and outcomes associated with the SIOP Teaching Institute at the APA convention in New Orleans in August. The theme of the symposium was exemplar programs developed from CEMRRAT funds. The session was very well received and SIOP was acknowledged several times as taking important steps in addressing minority attraction and recruitment.
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