Placement Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Mindy Bergman & Larissa Linton
Date: March 29, 2007

•  Goals Report
Progress Report

Committee Members:

For the initial Goals Report, please list committee goals, time frame, and action steps.  Please include expected results and how the goal relates to one or more of SIOP’s four strategic goals.

For subsequent Progress Reports, please provide a brief update including a listing of actions taken.

1. Determine whether we should offer a “bundled” package on JobNet and Placement Center.

RESULT: Discussions with Jeff and Dave at NYC planning meeting in June led us to decide against this. Already there is some confusion between the two activities amongst members; bundling could contribute to that and “blur the lines” between the two. Decision is to maintain their separate identities, goals, and pricing structures.

2. Figure out a simpler way for Placement Center registered organizations to post more than 4 jobs.

RESULT: SIOP AO has resolved this. (I admit that I have no idea how.) All postings for one organization are matched to a single mailbox.

3. Communicate to employing organizations at Placement Center that only registered applicants may access the Placement Center location.

RESULT: Included in FAQs and TIP article.

4. Work with SIOP to remove applicant affiliation from pdfs/printouts of resumes.

RESULT: Talked with Larry about this. Still appears on this year’s resumes. Next year’s software program will keep these off the pdfs of resumes.

5. Work with NYC local IO organizations to recruit Placement Center employers.

RESULT: Larissa has communicated with heads of local IO organizations to spread the word about Placement service. She has also sent letters and information to EAWOP and SIOPSA. We don’t know whether this communication has helped recruit organizations or job seekers.

NEW SubGOAL: Put a short survey (4-5 questions) about Placement Center marketing out to users at April 2007 conference.

6. Work with the Masters Consortium committee to help SIOP attendees in both the Masters consortium and Placement Center find the time to do both on Thursday afternoon.

RESULT: Worked with consortium chair; no changes needed to either schedule.

7. Determine if Placement Center should be involved in any programming to prepare the following year’s applicants for resume writing/what to expect, etc.

RESULT: Not included in programming this year. Some suggestions have been put forth by other committee chairs that Placement and SIOP HQ consider putting together PowerPoint or (preferably) flash presentations on what to submit to Placement, and resume writing in general.

8. Update tip sheets and other on-line guides as registration draws nearer.

RESULT: Reviewed the guides and tip sheets, but did not see the need for any changes right now. Previous chairs did a remarkable job writing these. We will update for next year as information may change with the conference moving to 3-day format.


NEW GOALS (for April 2007 conference and for next year):

[Items 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9 might be of interest to the EC.]

(1) Placement Advance. Mindy is in the process of collating responses from current and past chairs about the transition to the 3 day conference. Goal is to have a draft by NYC meeting; finalized following the SF site visit in June. We need to work especially closely with Dave Nershi to see what effect the additional hours in Placement might have on Placement budget/profit.

(2) Pricing of Placement. SIOP’s Placement is still a relatively inexpensive option compared to other conferences. (Liberty Munson did some benchmarking in 05-06.) We raised the price for employers last year, from $185 to $200 (per four postings). We kept the cost of job seekers at $40, because it is meant to be a “nuisance fee” to keep people from signing up just to look (although it does contribute to profit). Given the move to 3-day and any potential additional costs of further hours of operation, we should consider whether the cost of Placement should go up. Further, is this the time to raise Placement costs again (3 years in a row—the cost also rose in Dallas—and in another coastal and expensive site), or should we wait until a relatively less expensive year (New Orleans, Atlanta)?

(3) Continue making connections with local area groups and international groups. It may not be tenable to see high participation from Europe in SF 2008; however, there are groups in Asia/Australia/New Zealand that we may be able to reach.

(4) Use brief survey results from April 2007 to determine whether there are other ways of spreading information about Placement.

(5) Assign new Placement Chair before SF 2008 conference. It will be useful to have the next chair shadow in the Placement Center before taking on duties.

(6) Electronic (not physical) mailboxes for Placement? This is a question that comes up in our constituency every year. Is this feasible? Is it a good move?

(7) Determine whether there are jobs for committee members. Currently, Placement is 2 chairs doing the work. Does Placement want to expand its role? If so, some issues that have come up in the past:

(a) Creating sample resumes on the SIOP site (a flash presentation) to give examples of what a good resume looks like, and also what a good resume for Placement looks like. [Some resumes do not convert well when uploaded into the database.]
(b) Creating on-line presentations on good interviewing skills.
(c) On-line presentations of what can be expected at Placement Center.
(d) Increased communication with local groups to drum up interest in Placement.
(e) More opportunities for members/affiliates to get involved, and also to create a pipeline of people who have experience in Placement and with the conference in general.

(8) Continue with our usual business of updating information. Many of last year’s goals will again appear in 2007-2008 as we continue to administer Placement.

(9) Pricing of JobNet. Similar to point 2 above, is it time to change the JobNet price?

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