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2006 -2007 Goals
Status Report

March 25, 2007

Committee Members 
Committee Chair: Rob Silzer                    (

Sub-Committee on International Affairs

Sub-Committee on Boundary Spanning Practice Areas

Sub-Committee on Consultant Locator

Sub-Committee on Salary Survey


2006-2007 Goals
International Affairs Subcommittee
Objective:  Foster an exchange of information and best practices among I-O psychologists and related professionals worldwide.

 Goals Progress
1. Collaborate on the implementation of the first International Award, which would enhance SIOP’s appeal and impact in the International I-O community    • Still looking for funding for the international award.  Support for the award on EC is still uncertain.
2. Collaborate with the Membership committee to send welcome note to new international members and advise them about the international affairs sub-committee’s mission and goals. • Committee currently sends an informal welcome letter to new international members, based on the list available in TIP
3. Add item to the dues form for international members to agree to be included in the International Directory. • Membership committee feels this change would be too complex.  Committee currently exploring other possibilities
4. Develop relationships with I-O organizations outside of the US; define a protocol for how these relationships can work. • In order to expand our reach to international I-O psychologists, the committee is currently developing a list of possible I-O associations outside of the U.S. with which to network.  The committee is also currently defining protocols for how these relationships should be operationalized.  The committee intends to focus on a small number of organizations initially in order to really focus our efforts and time.
5. Continue to enhance the international participation and visibility at the SIOP conference  • Committee is currently planning this year’s reception for international members, scheduled for Friday at 5pm at the SIOP conference.
• Committee has secured a space in the exhibit area for an international gathering spot for the 2007 conference, which will provide a space for international affiliates to connect with one another.
• Committee will run one Community of Interest session at the SIOP conference that will focus on connecting US-based and internationally based I-O psychologists
6. Strengthen lines of communication with international affiliates in order to create a stronger sense of community within SIOP, increase awareness of SIOP, and encourage participation in SIOP.
• A listserv has been established for our international affiliates and is currently being tested by the committee
• Committee has established a SIOP email address for international affiliates to contact members of the international affairs subcommittee.
• Committee wrote an article for the most recent TIP, which focuses on the international issues related to the practice of I-O psychology.

2006 – 2007 Goals
Boundary Spanning Sub-Committee
Objective:  Define the interfaces and bridge relationships with other psychology practitioners and related professional groups

1. Provide a bridge between SIOP and the APA's Business of Practice Network (BOPN)

• Represented SIOP at APA’s Business of Practice Network, the organization that sponsors the Effective Healthy Workplace award.  
• Attended BOPN workshop organized by APA.
• Will Conduct a workshop at the SIOP conference with David Ballard from APA on “Creating and Implementing Effective Healthy Workplace Initiatives Will speak to SIOP Executive Committee meeting in NY on opportunities for I/O psychologists and SIOP to influence and contribute to APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award.

2006-2007 Goals
Consultant Locator Subcommittee 
Objective:  Enhance the functionality of the SIOP Consultant Locator System and promote the enhanced Locator System to participants and users


1. Update the functionality of Consultant Locator System
2. Promote the new Consultant Locator System to SIOP members to generate increased participation
3. Promote the enhanced functionality to HR-related organizations and other potential users.   
The Consultant Locator System sub-committee worked with Ahmad Awad (SIOP Programming Analyst) and Dave Nershi to release an updated version of the CLS on December 7, 2006.  The e-mail below was sent to all CLS members.

Dear Consultant,
      After careful planning and consideration, SIOP is proud to announce the launch of a new Consultant Locator program.  As a subscriber to the Consultant Locator (CL) service, you will have the option to post:
•Your resume/CV
•2 documents of your choice
•A video profile
•Your photo
•Areas of specializations
•An "About Me" description
•"My Keywords," to differentiate your listing.

The benefits don't end here. Potential customers will enjoy the ability to quickly search the records, according to various criteria.  Easy
communication is offered with an embedded "Send me a message" feature that allows users to send an e-mail directly from your profile page.

We are extending an invitation to our previous consultant locator members to try the new program under a 60-day introductory period (60 days from the date of this e-mail.  We urge all trial accounts to be setup by 1/3/2007.  Account subscription is required to keep your account active after the final day of the trial period, 2/5/2007).  

You will also have the option to pay for your subscription today.  This will keep your account active for the entire trial period as well as an entire year (Account stays active till 2/5/2008.)

Some of the fields in the new CL program may be relevant to your existing profile. To make this transition smoother, we have given you the option of logging into the previous CL program, so you may view, copy, and paste the information as you see fit.  Follow the steps below to view your information as it appears in the previous version of the CL.

Once you have paid the subscription rate, your account will remain active for 12 months.  On an ongoing basis, you will receive renewal notices via e-mail before the expiration of your CL membership.
We hope you will enjoy and benefit from our new Consultant Locator program.

2006-2007 Goals
Salary Survey Sub-Committee
Objective:  Develop, administer, analyze and publish the results of the 2007 Salary Survey in I-O psychology.

 Goals Progress
1. Design the 2007 Salary Survey  • Designed and reviewed in 2006
2. Distribute and analyze the Salary Survey 

• Distributed in January, 2007
• Complete collection and analysis in First Quarter, 2007 in collaboration with Questar

3. Publish survey results   • Publish salary survey results in upcoming 2007 TIP

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