2006-2007 Scientific Committee Year-End Report

Submitted by: Gilad Chen
March 29, 2006

Committee Members for 2006-2007: Ruth Kanfer and Stephanie Payne

Goal#1: Strengthen the relationships of SIOP with federal funding agencies, through our relationship with the Federation.

Most recent activities:

  • Generated two specific ideas for advocacy topics – one on leadership in complex environment, and the other on managing an age-diverse workforce.
  • Met with Dan Ilgen (SIOP’s rep to the Federation) and Barb Wanchisen (Executive Director of the Federation) on March 9.  The purpose of this meeting was to share the advocacy topic and ideas with Barb, and get a better sense of how the Federation could help SIOP promote the ideas.
  • Barb was very excited about the topics, and believes it would be very much possible to organize various kinds of advocacy sessions around the topics.  She has also shared some specific information regarding the type of advocacy events the Federation could arrange, and their potential cost.
  • After sharing this information with Lois Tetrick and Steve Kozlowski (who will replace me as Scientific Affairs chair next month), we agreed it would be good to brief SIOP’s EC about the potential advocacy topics and sessions, and their cost, so that we can decide how to move forward.

Action item for EC meeting:

  • Present the information which came out of the meeting with Barb during the EC meeting, and get some input on how the EC would like to proceed.
  • Since there will be cost (as high as $15,000-20,000) in organizing the events with the Federation, we will also need approval from the EC before moving forward.

Goal#2: Encourage authors of introductory psychology texts to include a chapter on I-O psychology. [Ad-hoc sub-committee chaired by Stephanie Payne]

Activities to date:

  • Identified and reviewed a list of the most popular introduction to psychology textbooks, and came up with a small list of existing texts that include I-O chapters
  • Surveyed 40 authors of intro psychology textbook to assess their preferences (for chapter outline and/or textboxes) and gain additional information or ideas from them.  Survey responses indicated interest in both chapter outline and textboxes.
  • Generated a set of topics (e.g., personality, training, work motivation) that could be used in either a whole chapters devoted to I-O in introductory psychology texts, or as more specific textboxes inserted in various textbook chapters focusing on more basic concepts (such as attitudes, individual differences, emotion, etc.).
  • Stephanie Payne published an article summarizing this effort in TIP (April, 2007).

Action item for EC meeting:

  • Decide how or whether to continue this effort.


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