2006-2007 State Affairs Committee Goals

Submitted by: Dennis J. Johnson, Chair

Date: March 28, 2007


1. Reconstitute the committee membership as needed.

The committee has been reduced in size either because of a direct request to be taken off of the committee or because the person has not replied to numerous e-mails requesting confirmation.  It would be helpful if new members joined the committee.

• Arnold, David W.
• Blanton, Judith S.
• Fischer, Donald L.
• Gormanous, Greg 
• Lindner, Steven J.
• Nagy, Mark S.
• Powell, Jevon K.
• Scontrino, M. Peter 
• Waln, Ronald F.
• Werner, Blakely J.

I have recommend Judith Blanton to become the new chair of this committee.  Judith has served on this committee for approximately six years and is currently serving on an APA committee addressing legislative issues for all focal areas of psychology and is a member of ASPPB.

2. Continue to review and update website information, including links to state and provincial boards. 

Committee members have been assigned states and/or provincial boards to review and update website information; including links to state and provincial boards.  This is a continuous ongoing activity of the committee and its members. 

3. Provide referrals and information to members/student affiliates seeking licensure.

Committee members have identified Industrial/Organizational Psychology programs in their assigned states and or provincial boards and introduced themselves to the Chairs of these programs.  Committee members also identified and contacted student representatives in their respective states.  Licensure questions are often routed to the chair since the chair’s email addressed is presented to viewers on the SIOP’s website.  The chair either refers these directly to the representative of the state or answers the question directly when possible.    

4. Continue to collect sunset information on licensing laws for all state and provinces.

Committee members of assigned states and provinces tracked sunset information on licensing laws and recorded changes when needed.

5. Participate in Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards annual meeting to continue to keep them aware of the needs of I-O psychologists.

As of this writing we are trying to determine if a committee representative should attend the ASPPB spring meeting to be held on the same weekend in April.  The new chair of the committee, Dr. Blanton, or a representative will attend the ASPPB meeting in October to monitor issues that may impact I-O Psychologists and participate in relevant discussions.   

Problems or Action Items

  • Dr. Judith Blanton will be taking over as chair of this committee.  She is an excellent choice to head this committee as she has written and article and chapter on licensure and mobility issues that I/O psychologists face.  She is representing SIOP on an APA committee addressing these issues.  I will work with her to make the transition seamless and offer my continued support.

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