TIP Annual Report

April 2007
Laura L. Koppes
TIP Editor

2006-2007 Accomplishments

1. Produced 4 issues.
2. Promoted awareness of international issues in the Society. 
3. Incorporated international perspectives in existing columns.
4. Reviewed current structure and format of TIP to identify areas of improvement and possible editorial changes. 
5. Hosted a TIP-Topics roundtable discussion at the 2006 conference to gather input from students. 
6. Continued the excellence and quality established by predecessors. 
7. Featured the annual SIOP Conference in the July 2006 issue.
8. In consultation with SIOP President Jeff McHenry, recommended and identified an incoming TIP Editor, Wendy Becker.
9. Collaborated with Wendy Becker to insure a seamless transition after April 2007.
10. Reviewed responses on the SIOP member survey about TIP and gave to TIP editor in training.
11. Added a new column that will highlight research studies relevant to both practitioners and academic researchers. 
12. Revised budget for 2006-2007.
13. Added David Pollack to the editorial board.  He has created the list of meetings and conferences since the early 1990’s.
14. Reviewed the I-O Ethicist column in consultation with column editor Bill Macey and decided to discontinue the column.
15. Managed changes in columns due to voluntary “retirements” from the editorial board.
16. The current student editors and I provided oversight for TIP-TOPics writing contest in order to select the next column editors. 

Thanks to all the editorial board members for their outstanding contributions and I thank SIOP Executive Committee members and committee chairs for their updates.  I also thank Clif Boutelle, who provided regular articles.  A special thank you goes to the SIOP Administrative Office, especially Jen Baker, Lori Peake, and Dave Nershi, for their support and professionalism.

This is my last annual report and now I turn TIP over to Wendy Becker.

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