Visibility Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair:  Doug Reynolds
Date: 3/30/07

Progress Report

Committee Membership and Membership Changes:
Doug Reynolds, Jeff Jolton, Joel Philo, Chris Rotolo, Monica Hemingway, Rebecca Orbach (student member), Ben Dattner; Annette Towler (and her external awards subcommittee).  Clif Boutelle and Dave Nershi from the SIOP office also attend meetings as they can.    Additionally, a team of “Visibility and Impact Champions” has been added to assist with visibility efforts.  (Hough, Colella, J. Brannick, Sarri, Latham)

Visibility Committee Goals (2006-07):

1. Gain visibility with targeted audiences (placing a differential focus on psychology at large, human resources professionals and business leaders)

Actions: Work with the AO to generate press releases, web content, etc. to push key messages to target audiences.

2. Get I-O stories into the media

Actions: Develop relationships with targeted media channels (e.g., APA Monitor, Fast Company magazine)

3. Define tools and processes to institutionalize visibility efforts

Actions: Develop a repeatable committee process that
focuses on target audiences, appropriate media channels, and key messages.

4. Coordinate & collaborate with other SIOP committees on visibility-related issues

Actions: Align Visibility Committee members to the activities of other committees that relate to audiences, media channels, or key messages; coordinate visibility activities across committees.

Each of these committee goals relates to the first SIOP Strategic Priority, i.e., SIOP will become the…

1. Visible and trusted authority on work-related psychology. This includes:

  • Heightened awareness within lay, business, scientific, and government communities of the role and value of I-O psychology in improving productivity and well being in the workplace.
  • Greater outreach to the broader field of psychology and related disciplines and organizations (including organizations outside the United States), policy makers, the public, and the media.

Updates or Comments From Chair (March, 2006):
The following activities were completed, or are underway, during this reporting period.  Relationships between these activities and our goals are noted by goal number (in parentheses).

  • A special session for the SIOP spring conference was planned.  This session will be sponsored and run by Visibility Committee members, but features speakers from the media.  The session will be on how to get I/O psychologists and stories into the media.  The design of the session allows for committee members to establish relationships with members of the media as they recruit participants to the session.  Panelists include journalists from Newsday, Forbes, Wall St. Journal, Fast Company, and Business Week. (Goals: 2, 1). 
  • A press luncheon was organized at the Harvard Club in NYC on March 23rd.  10+ journalists from major media (e.g., Forbes, time magazine, NYT) were in attendance, as well as several SIOP members.  The event was very successful and is recommended as a yearly activity. (Goal 1,3).
  • A Request for Information from PR/Marketing firms was developed and distributed to approximately 15 firms.  A review process was developed, and the committee is currently rating firm responses.  (Goal 1,3)
  • Adrienne Colella has initiated a branding review for SIOP with a graduate marketing class (to be completed this term).  (Goal 3)
  • A sub-team has drafted a set of visibility metrics for monitoring SIOP’s visibility in the media. (Goal 3).
  • A sub-team is developing a brochure for Psych Departments and Business Schools that highlights what SIOP is as an organization.  This activity will be coordinated with the Membership Committee (Goal 1, 4).
  • Since December, the external awards committee has re-nominated Jim Outtz for the APF Harry and Miriam Levinson Award for Exceptional Contributions to Consulting Organizational Psychology.   (Goal 1).
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