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CE Committee

Jolene Skinner (Chair)
Anne Offner (member)
Jacqueline Wall (member)

SIOP 2009-2010 Goals:

  • Strategic Focus Goal:  Identify CE priorities for SIOP practitioners (SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goal 3):
    • Action: Leverage existing SIOP data and partnerships with the Professional Practice, SIOP Program, and Workshop chairs to determine current CE approach, gaps, and needs (summer 2009)
    • Action: Prepare for a formal CE needs assessment of our members for 2010-2011 by end of 2009
      • Integrate CE questions into annual conference survey and into membership online data requests
  • Process Improvement Goal: CE approvals in conjunction with program deadlines for CE content
    • Action: Improve CE notification letters timing and process for the spring conference
    • Action: Continue to provide CE objective guidelines to presenters and approve CE learning objectives in accordance with APA standards 
  • Increase CE availability and alignment to member needs (SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goal 3):
    • Action: Pre-certify SIOP CE offerings and conference participation as SHRM certification credits 
    • Action: Investigate whether workshop presenters can earn CE credit 
    • Action: Investigate opportunities to offer more CE credits both during the conference (via scheduling/accessibility) and outside of the annual conference (via the online Learning Center))
      • Create a CE page on the SIOP website
      • Opportunities include:
        1. Conference (workshops, theme tracks, master tutorials, and Friday seminars)
        2. Leading Edge Consortium (pre-conference workshop)
        3. Online Learning Center  (multiple methods)
        4. Local I-O groups (especially Metro – NYC)
        Progress Against our Goals:
  • Identify CE Priorities:
    • Working with other SIOP committees and the executive office, the CE Committee created an online assessment that was delivered to all of our members in Oct-Nov of 2009.  We had over 700 respondents. We summarized the results and shared them with the Executive Office, the Conference and Workshop Current and Incoming Chairs, and the Executive Board. We are currently working on a TIP brief to share the results with our members.  The results are being used to help identify what sessions to record at the April, what workshops to create for next year’s conference, and how we can maximize use of future online offerings.  We also hope to create partnerships with local I/O organizations to offer more CE opportunities for our members.
    • In addition, we have included additional items in the LE Consortium and April conference evaluations and additional analyses on the CE evaluations so that we can continue to track our CE priorities and membership needs.  We are also working with the Executive Office to update our membership tracking information so that we can track both certification and licensure information. Our goal was to create sustaining mechanisms so that we don’t need to administer additional CE needs assessments.
  • CE Approvals:
    • We have coordinated with the Executive Office to ensure that our members receive timely CE notification and that the CE objectives are in line with the APA standards for the April conference.
  • CE Availability:
    • We were granted HRCI pre-certification approval in February and will be able to use that certification for our April conference.  We are working with the Executive Office to ensure that the right sessions are registered and that our members are notified of this new benefit. We plan to add this information to the SIOP website so that members can fully understand the benefits of HRCI certification.  In addition, we plan to update the April conference submission process to partially automate how sessions can be registered for HRCI credit.
      o We continue to look for ways to increase participation in CE in partnership with the Conference and Workshop Committees and the Executive Office.  We hope that some innovative online programs can be implemented in the 2010-2011 year.
    • In addition, we are open to new opportunities and partnerships with other organizations, such as ASTD, to leverage our CE offerings. 

In summary, I believe we met our goals for the year. I am proud of our team’s accomplishments.  I think we have done an excellent job of collaborating with our SIOP colleagues to create long-term wins for our members.