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Historian Committee

Chair, Paul Levy

Here are the 09-10 goals for the History Committee along with the progress.

1) Interview(s) of the early leaders of the SIOP conference which would be shared in a TIP article or two (e.g., Stan Silverman, Irv Goldstein).

  • Interviewed Stan Silverman and wrote up the Tip article which has been provided to Wendy Becker and should be published in the April issue.

2) Assist in the preparation of posters to represent each year of the conference to be on display at the 25th Anniversary Conference.

  • This has taken a great deal of time. We have contacted the Conference Chairs, Program Chairs, and Presidents of SIOP for each of the 25 conferences and have provided them with a spreadsheet requesting various information about their conference and/or specific questions. We received many of those spreadsheets returned to us now and have been working for the past couple of months pulling the information together in a poster form. The Administrative Office has been fabulous in helping us fill in the missing data. We will have a poster for each year of the conference that will be on display throughout the conference in a special location in the Exhibit Hall.  We hope and expect that these posters will really serve as a nice look back for conference attendees as well as nice conversation starters.

3) Help in the organization of session(s) around the history of the conference and/or Society to be held at the 25th Anniversary Conference.

  • We also put together a session around the history of the conference. I will chair the session and participants include:
  • Discussant: Kevin T. Mahoney; 
  • Panelists: John P. Campbell, Katherine J. Klein, William H. Macey, Denise M. Rousseau, Stanley B. Silverman, Lois Tetrick.

4) Assist in the coordination of other efforts that would highlight our history at the conference.

  • Not much on this front as the top 3 above have kept us very busy.

5) Work with the former Presidents of SIOP to get more of their biographies completed. Our goal would be to complete these for the Presidents who served in the 1980s and 1990s. We would focus on the more recent Presidential biographies in the following year.

  • I’ve gathered contact information for the former Presidents, but have not sent them a letter yet. Once I have all of the conference stuff handled, I will move on to this task. I have been in correspondence with Kurt Kraiger about this task item as well.

ACTION ITEM: I’d like to suggest that we make this type of poster part of our historical tracking. That is, going forward, at the end of every conference the Conference/Program Chair completes our Poster Template and this is saved electronically at the AO for historical purposes. Of course, the AO could print any of these posters out for any reasons that may come up from time to time, but most importantly we would have some standard data and organizational memory that we may not currently have in one integrated place.