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 Institutional Research Committee Goals and Progress Report Form
Year-end report

Committee Chair: Bob Lewis 

March 15, 2010

Progress Report 

Committee Members:
Cynthia Hedrick
Steve Hunt
Rob Kabacoff
Mark Schmit
Paul Thorsen
Strategic Planning Goals: (Please highlight committee goals related to the advocacy of SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals)
  1. Maximize the value to SIOP of the surveys (salary, career, member practice, etc.) by defining how the data are archived such that they can be reliably retrieved and mined for insights.  
Action: Determine how and when surveys have been used in the past and the manner in which they’ve been archived. Define any changes needed and ensure a standing body in SIOP maintains responsibility for them.
Progress  Confirmed with Larry Nader that data can be stored on SIOP’s servers; developed policies that are now being reviewed by current and past chairs/members of the Membership and Professional Practice committees. To be determined: whether the IRC should be a standing committee to oversee the archiving and use of SIOP data.
  1. Guide SIOP interactions with third party researchers who wish to use SIOP data or collect data from SIOP members. 
Action: Develop the principles by which SIOP permits the membership to be surveyed or accessed as participants in research studies. Ensure a standing body at SIOP reviews research requests.
Progress These policies have been developed and are current under review as outlined above. 
Updates or Comments From Chair:
The committee had completed the key actions delegated to it when it was chartered in 2008. Upon final review and presentation to the EC , the policies for the use, archiving, and collection of data from SIOP members will be documented.
The remaining question is the disposition of the IRC. If the EC feels the responsibility for ensuring that data are archived and requests for SIOP data (which tend to be few in number) are easily handled by the SIOP administrative office or Executive Board members then the committee can be disbanded. If the EC wishes the committee to continue (so that it may review request for data and oversee archiving) that can be accomplished with a much smaller committee.