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Membership Committee Activities

A.    “Conference Ambassador Program”
The 2010 SIOP Conference Ambassador Pilot Program is up and running. Ambassadors and newcomers have been matched and given contact information to arrange a meeting at the conference. There are 130 Ambassador-Newcomer pairings, with 259 more Newcomers unassigned because of low supply of Ambassadors.
B.    Exit Interview
The membership committee is developing a survey to give to members who decline to rejoin SIOP to find out why the people leave the organization. The survey will be conducted in conjunction with SIOP’s Institutional Research Committee.
C.     Membership Statistics
Total Membership (as of 3/18/2010)
255 Fellows
2823 Members
588 Associates
357 International Affiliates
117 Retired
3747 Student Affiliates
TOTAL = 7887
2009 new members
247 Members
139 Associates
69 International Affiliates
1583 Student Affiliates
*In 2009, there were 455 people accepted for professional membership.
* Of the 455 new professional memberships, 261 were upgrades from Student Affiliate to Member, Associate, or International Affiliate (or possibly one or two from Associate or International Affiliate to Member) (57.36%).
-Of the 455 new members, 224 are employed in the private or public sectors, 147 are employed by universities, and 84 listed “none” or left the field blank.