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Professional Practice Series Committee Report 

March 13, 2010
To the SIOP Executive Committee,
        The Professional Practices Series Editorial Board’s goals are to fulfill the purpose of the Series. As stated in the SIOP Administrative Manual, the following is the purpose of the SIOP Professional Practice Series:
The volumes in the Professional Practice Series are guided by five tenets designed to enhance future organizational practice:
1. Focus on practice, but grounded in science.
2. Translate organizational science into practice by generating guidelines, principles, and lessons learned that can shape and guide practice.
3. Showcase the application of industrial-organizational psychology to solve problems.
4. Document and demonstrate best industrial and organizational practices.
5. Stimulate research needed to guide future organizational practice.
The volumes seek to inform those interested in practice with guidance, insights, and advice on how to apply the concepts, findings, methods, and tools derived from research in industrial-organizational psychology to solve organizational and human resource related problems.
Each volume is focused on one important theme or element of I-O practice and is usually composed of 10-15 separately authored chapters related to the overall theme of the volume.
The current Editorial Board (appointed in 2008) has put an additional emphasis on two components of SIOP’s long-term strategy: 1) a broader readership and 2) an international perspective in our books.
·                      We want to broaden our readership audience, in a way that makes individuals and organizations more aware of I/O’s actual and potential contributions to organizational and individual effectiveness. Volume Editors and chapter contributors have been urged to write in a way to accomplish these goals. 
             With the active participation and leadership of SIOP’s recent Presidents and its Executive Director, plans have been put into place with Jossey-Bass to publicize and sell our Volumes through SHRM and well as through SIOP. As an operational target, we aim to publish about two books per year and expect each book to sell 2,500 copies or more
·                      In addition, we are trying to have more of a global reach and impact. Volume Editors and chapter contributors have been made aware that an international perspective is needed wherever it fits. This has shown up in a more global set of authors and chapter topics in every new volume. In fact, the first book coming out from the current Editorial Board is a volume titled “Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace,” which is about applying I/O practices around the world. It will be available  at the 2010 Annual Conference
 To further this strategic outlook, we have expanded the 8 person board of two years ago by five distinguished members chosen from overseas. Appended below is the list of current Editorial Board members and their affiliations.
As Series Editor, I must note that I have been blessed to have an excellent Editorial Board, of very knowledgeable, responsive and excellent contributors. I am very much appreciative of their participation.
       In summary, good progress is being made in producing the books in the Professional Practices Series. We try to produce about two books per year.  Historically, the typical book takes about 2 years from proposal to publication. A few have been done in about 18 months; others have taken three years.
 The current Board has had three volumes under contract. One will be available at SIOP and the others are progressing well. We have also reviewed and approved one new and exciting proposal which is on the verge of contract signing, on the topic of Environmental Sustainability.
   A Summary and detailed Status report for these Volumes is appended.
1.      Volumes Underway
Under the current Editorial Board, three volumes are now well underway:
·          “Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace,” by Editor Kyle Lundby (with Jeffrey Jolton)...  The book will be available at the SIOP 2010 Conference.
·          “Advancing Executive Coaching: Ingredients for Successful Leadership Coaching,” edited by Gina Hernez-Broome & Lisa A. Boyce, is scheduled to be submitted to Jossey-Bass before the April 2010 SIOP Conference. (This Volume came out of the 2008 Leading Edge Conference on a similar topic.)
·          “Technology Enhanced Assessment of Talent”, to be edited by Nancy Tippins and Seymour Adler, should go to the publisher in mid-2010.   
2.  Proposed Volume, Soon Underway
The Editorial Board has now reviewed and approved a proposal for a volume in the SIOP Professional Practice Series, tentatively titled “Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability (Living in the New Green Economy)” to be edited by Susan E. Jackson, Deniz S. Ones, and Stephan Dilchert.    The Editors and Jossey-Bass are expected to complete a contract by the time of this year’s SIOP Conference.
3.      Volumes under the Previous Editorial Board.   (Chaired by Allen Church and Janine Waclawski)
It should be noted that two fine Volumes, that were begun under the prior Editorial Board (whose term extended to April 2008) came out in 2009. And two more books are in process. The status of the latter two books is shown in more detail below.
·          “Performance Management: Putting Research into Action” edited by James Smither and Manny London came out to a great reception. It recently won the R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Award from the Academy of Human Resource Development
·          Strategy-Driven Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative,”Rob Silzer and
Ben E. Dowell, Editors is a fine looking Volume that will likely get a very favorable              reaction.
·          “Handbook of Workplace Assessment: Evidence-Based Practices for Selecting and   Developing Organizational Talent,”   John C. Scott, Douglas H. Reynolds (Editors). This book is coming along quite well.  The copyedited chapters have been returned to the publisher and we expect final page proofs by March 30th.  The expected bound book date is July 12, 2010. 
·          “Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion.”  Bernardo M. Ferdman (Editor).   This book should go to the publisher by the end of 2010.
4.      Possible discussion item
As noted above, the Coaching volume came out of an LEC on that topic. These Fall Conferences present the latest and best work on practice issues, and would be a natural springboard for Practices Volumes. Unfortunately, the LEC organizers are not coming in with this possibility in their minds.
 . We have been lobbying for more Executive Committee support to use the Leading Edge Conferences as a basis for future volumes. According to Eduardo Salas, it appears likely that this fall’s LEC on Teams will be proposed as a future volume in the Practice Series.   Can the Executive Committee further influence such expectations for the future LEC meetings?
        As always, members of the EC are invited and encouraged to send me their ideas for new books, themes and topics in the Practice Series. The Editorial Board will meet at the SIOP Conference in Atlanta (on Thursday) to discuss all future proposals and strive to initiate and prioritize them. We will also consider suggestions on a continuing basis, before and after the Conference.
Respectfully Submitted,
Allen I. Kraut
Series Editor.

Available at SIOP, April 2010
Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace
Edited by Kyle Lundby with Jeffrey Jolton
Table of Contents
1 Navigating the Complexities of a Global Organization   Mariangela Battista, Patricia Pedigo and Erica Desrosiers
2 Culture: Values, Beliefs, Perceptions, Norms, and Behaviors. Vesselin Blagoev
3 Multicultural Teams: Critical Team Processes and Guidelines. C. Shawn Burke, Marissa Shuffler, Eduardo Salas, and Michele Gelfand
4 HR in the Global Workplace. Mariangela Battista and Mario DiLoreto
5 Recruitment in a Global Workplace. Mukta Kulkarni and Mathian Osicki
6 Global Selection: Selection in International Contexts. Tim Carey, David Herst and Wynne Chan
7 On-Boarding in a Global Workplace. Mary Plunkett
8 Developing Leadership in Global Organizations. 
Tommy Weir
9 Strategic Surveying in the Global Marketplace and the Role of Vitality Measures. 
Jeffrey M. Saltzman and Scott M. Brooks
10 Best Practices for Training Intercultural Competence in Global Organizations. Jessica L. Wildman, Luiz F. Xavier, Mitch Tindall, and Eduardo Salas
11. Creating Infectious Change in Global Organizations: Applying Psychology to Large-Scale Planned Interventions. Paul M. Mastrangelo
12 Maximizing the Success and Retention of International Assignees. Paula Caligiuri and Thomas Hippler
13 Work and Family in a Global Context. Tammy D. Allen, Kristen M. Shockley
and Andrew Biga
Advancing Executive Coaching: Setting the Course for Leadership Coaching
Gina Hernez-Broome & Lisa A. Boyce (Editors)
The purpose of Advancing Executive Coaching is to address the most critical issues impacting the future of leadership coaching as an organizational development initiative. Bringing together the most current thinking from I/O psychology, science and practice, this volume will provide insights and perspectives grounded in theory and research to guide coaching programs and practices into the future. 
We are on target to deliver the book to Jossey-Bass by 31 March 2010. Eight of sixteen chapters are completed and ready for the publishers. Four of the remaining eight have only minor edit or formatting adjustments and are scheduled for submission by 17 March. Three are currently under final review with minor revisions expected. The capstone chapter’s final draft is due 23 March. We’ve received 26 signed contributor agreements and 20 biographies from our 29 authors. Our delinquent authors are aware we need the information. We are currently organizing the Table of Contents, List of Tables and Figures, Acknowledgments, and other items on the Final Manuscript Checklist. 
We're in good shape for a March 31 submission deadline. The book is shaping up nicely; we have great contributions and some very strong chapters. Everyone involved is excited about the caliber of authors and expertise the book contains.

DATE:               March 9, 2010
FROM:  Susan E. Jackson, Deniz Ones, Stephan Dilchert
RE:                   Progress Report, Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability
The editors of this volume (Jackson, Ones and Dilchert) received SIOP’s final approval to proceed on December 31, 2010, just in time to celebrate the end of a successful year! Since then, we have made the following progress:
Contract Signed: We received the publisher’s contract. Copies signed by the three of us will have been returned to the publisher by mid-March.
Chapter Authors: We contacted potential authors for all but three of the proposed chapters. We have commitments from authors for ten chapters. In addition, we have authors who have tentatively said yes for three chapters, and we expect to have firm commitments for these three chapters very soon. 
As stated in our proposal, we have asked authors to send us their tentative chapter outlines in April of this year. (This step will be useful to assess authors’ actual commitment to the project.) Then, first drafts are due in September, 2010.
Collateral Activities: We are working on several collateral activities to give exposure to this volume, as follows. 
a.     Next year, 2011, Environmental Sustainability will be the Thursday Track Theme at the annual conference. Stephan Dilchert is leading that effort, and the team will participate in a planning meeting during the upcoming conference in Atlanta. To aid us in organizing this enterprise, we have recruited a practitioner and an international colleague as part of the Thursday Theme Track committee.
b.     Deniz Ones is exploring the possibility of using the theme of this volume for a Leading Edge Conference in 2012.
c.     Cindy McCauley has invited us to write a Lead Article forIndustrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. We are still discussing that possibility, and will make a decision about whether/how to proceed fairly soon. 

Out Soon:     Handbook of Workplace Assessment: Evidence-Based Practices for Selecting and Developing Organizational Talent
John C. Scott, Douglas H. Reynolds   Editors
Part One: Framework for Organizational Assessment
1     Individual Differences That Influence Performance and Effectiveness:What Should We Assess?
Kevin R. Murphy
2     Indicators of Quality Assessment
Fritz Drasgow, Christopher D. Nye, Louis Tay
3     General Cognitive Ability: What It Is and What It Isn’t
Michael A. McDaniel, George C. Banks
4     Personality
Robert Hogan, Robert B. Kaiser
5     Assessment of Background and Life Experience: The Past as Prologue
Leaetta M. Hough
6     Knowledge and Skill
Teresa L. Russell
7     Physical Performance.
Deborah L. Gebhardt, Todd A. Baker
8     Competencies, Job Analysis, and the Next Generation of Modeling
Jeffery S.Schippmann
Part Two: Assessment for Selection, Promotion, and Development
A Call to Action
Judith L. Komaki
9     Assessment for Technical Jobs.
Wanda J. Campbell
10. Assessment for Administrative and Professional Jobs.
Lia L. Meyer, Rodney A. McCloy, Deborah L. Whetzel
11   Assessment for Sales Positions.
Steven H. Brown
12   Assessment for Supervisory and Early Leadership Roles
Mark J. Schmit, Jill M. Strange
13   Executive and Managerial Assessment
Ann Howard, James N. Thomas
14   The Special Case of Public Sector Police and Fire Selection.
Gerald V. Barrett, Dennis Doverspike, Candice M. Young
Part Three: Strategic Assessment Programs
15   The Role of Assessment in Succession Management
Matthew J. Paese
16   Assessing the Potential of Individuals: The Prediction of Future Behavior
Rob Silzer, Sandra L. Davis
17   Assessment for Organizational Change: Mergers, Restructuring, and Downsizing
John C. Scott, Kenneth Pearlman
18   Global Applications of Assessment
Ann Marie Ryan, Nancy T. Tippins
Part Four: Advances, Trends, and Issues
19   Advances in Technology-Facilitated Assessment
Douglas H. Reynolds, Deborah E. Rupp
20   The Legal Environment for Assessment
R. Lawrence Ashe Jr., Kathleen K. Lundquist
21   Validation Strategies
S. Morton McPhail, Damian J. Stelly
22   Addressing the Flaws in Our Assessment Decisions
James L. Outtz
23   Strategic Evaluation of the Workplace Assessment Program
E. Jane Davidson
24   Final Thoughts on the Selection and Assessment Field
Paul R. Sackett
Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion
Bernardo M. Ferdman (Editor)
March 10, 2010
The purpose of this volume in the SIOP Professional Practice Series is to provide a state-of-the-art perspective on what inclusion is, why it matters to organizations, and how it can be created and fostered, with an emphasis on the lens and grounding provided for this work by research and theory in I-O psychology and related fields. Thus, the book will provide a bridge between I-O psychology and the practice of inclusion in diverse organizations.
The book will focus on providing reliable information and experiences from topic experts, including internal and external change agents and academics. Readers will learn what the key issues are in framing, designing, and implementing inclusion and diversity 2initiatives in organizations and in groups, and in helping individuals develop competencies for inclusion, with the goal of fully benefiting from diversity.
The book is slated for submission in October or September 2010, and will have an introduction, conclusion, and foreword, and 22 chapters in five sections:
·          Frameworks for Understanding and Communicating Inclusion and its Benefits (2 chapters)
·          Individual and Group-Level Perspectives and Practices (5 chapters)
·          Organizational and Societal Perspectives and Practices (7 chapters)
·          Key Application Issues and Specific Domains for Application (5 chapters)
·          Moving Forward: Engaging with the Challenges of Diversity and Inclusion (3 chapters, by key thought leaders in the field reflecting on the book, the field as a whole, and the challenges for practitioners)
We currently have 13 chapter outlines and first drafts of two chapters, as well as commitments for 2 of the final 3 commentaries, and are working to assign the remaining 6 chapters. Missing chapter drafts are due in early May, and final drafts are due in August, 2010.

Professional Practice Series, Editorial Board, April 2010
Seymour Adler, Aon Consulting
Neil R. Anderson, University of Amsterdam
Neal M. Ashkanasy, University of Queensland
Lawrence Fogli, People Focus, Inc.
C. Harry Hui, University of Hong Kong
Elizabeth B. Kolmstetter, Director of National Intelligence
Allen I. Kraut, Baruch College/Kraut Associates
Kyle Lundby, Kenexa
Kathleen Kappy Lundquist, APT
William H. Macey, Valtera
Lise M. Saari, New York University
Handan Sinangil, Marmara University
Michael A. West, Aston University