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SIOP Professional Practice Committee

Joan Brannick, Chair

2009-2010 Committee Members
Alex Alonso, Joan Brannick (Chair), Rich Cober, Deb Cohen, David Dickter, Anna Erickson, Debbie Gebhardt, Van Latham, Carl Persing, David Peterson, Mark Poteet, Heather Prather, William Shepherd, Jodi Simco, Nancy Tippins, Mo Wang
EB Action Item
No action items at this time
Professional Practice Committee Update (January-March 2010)
See below the list of things that this committee has accomplished since the last EB meeting in January 2010:
1.    SIOP “Top 50 Healthiest Workplaces” Proposal
Joan Brannick reviewed and provided feedback on the “Top 50 Healthiest Workplaces” project plan.
2.    Professional Practice Subcommittee Progress
The following section of this report contains information about the status of various Professional Practice Committee subcommittees’ work.   
a.     Practitioner Mentoring Program: Mark Poteet and his subcommittee (Van Latham and Heather Prather) have completed the following tasks related to the SIOP mentoring program with most recent efforts focused on the Practitioner Speed Networking event at the 2010 SIOP Conference:
                                  i.    Working with SIOP Office, who has provided excellent support, to
finalize logistics for holding the first speed mentoring event at the
 SIOP Annual Conference in Atlanta (e.g., materials; rooms; tables; etc.).
                                 ii.    Working with SIOP Office, who has provided excellent support,
 to determine best methods on how to move forward on advertising/publicizing the Speed Mentoring event and broader Practitioner Mentoring program.
                                iii.    Securing mentors for the Speed Mentoring event at the SIOP Annual
 Conference in Atlanta.
                                iv.    Creating information and advertisement materials for Practitioner
Mentoring Program (e.g., program flyer, slideshow presentation,
 e-newletter article, plenary slide).
                                 v.    Creating logistical processes and materials for Practitioner Mentoring Program (e.g., signup sheets; evaluation form).
                                vi.    Creating presentation to update SIOP members on progress of Practitioner Mentoring Program.
b.     Science for HR: Nancy Tippins provided the following update (see page 4 of this report) on this subcommittee’s work. 
c.     International Affairs: Alex Alonso, Chair of the International Affairs Committee, has remained an active member of the Professional Practice Committee AFTER this subcommittee was moved to SIOP full committee status in the spring of 2009. He and Mo Wang serve as liaisons to the Professional Practice Committee to keep us informed and involved in matters that affect both committees (e.g., International Testing Standards). See the International Affairs Committee report submitted for the 2010 Spring EB meeting for more details.
d.     Early Career Practitioner Award: Anna Erickson, Chair of the Awards Committee, has remained an active member of the Professional Practice Committee. See the Awards Committee report submitted for the 2010 Spring EB meeting for more details about the Early Career Practitioner Award. 
e.     Speech: Given current committee priorities, this initiative has been put on the back burner for now. 
f.      Professional Practice Committee Chair Transition: Rich Cober, the incoming Professional Practice Committee Chair, and Joan Brannick have talked by phone and exchanged emails/files regarding his transition to the chair position. Rich has also been:
                              i.        Pulling together status update on Practitioner Survey Recommendations and Current SIOP activities
                             ii.        Preparing for assumption of Professional Practice Chair responsibilities 
Professional Practice Committee Next Steps (April-September 2010)
The Professional Practice Committee anticipates the following work to be completed between now and the SIOP EB meeting in Fall 2010:
1.     Evaluate success and effectiveness of Practitioner Speed Mentoring event at the 2010 SIOP conference. Prepare document that summarizes what worked well, what could be improved, and proposed changes moving forward.
2.     Continue to develop and roll out more of the Practitioner Mentoring Program (e.g., group mentoring, virtual mentoring, etc.).  The Practitioner Mentoring Program subcommittee will move forward on those initiatives.
3.     The remaining subcommittees (Science for HR, etc.) will continue moving forward on these initiatives.
4.     The Professional Practice Committee will continue to provide feedback and other work, on an as requested basis, on such initiatives as the SIOP Salary Survey, the ISO Standards for Testing in the Workplace, and the “Top 50 Healthiest Workplaces.”
5.     Rich Cober, the new chair of the committee will identify/select new members of the committee to replace those members who are rotating off the committee. He will also work with the committee to identify Professional Practice Committee’s priorities for 2010-2011 and focus attention and resources on those priorities to move one or more of them forward.
If you have any questions or if you need more information about any of the information contained in this committee report, contact Joan Brannick via email at joan@brannickhr.com or by phone at (813) 672-0500.
SIOP Science for HR
Nancy Tippins
March 15, 2010
SIOP and the Society for Human Resource Management are working together to meet our common goal of bridging the gap between science and practice.  There are three, interrelated goals for this new project:
·         Make the science of I/O psychology accessible to SHRM members.
·         Guide SHRM members in evidence-based HR practices.
·         Enhance the visibility of the profession of I/O psychology.
In the original design of the project, SIOP and SHRM chose topics relevant to the practice of HR and selected authors to develop easy to read materials that would be published and distributed by SHRM to its membership four times per year. To date, the four papers have been written:
·         Skill-Based Pay (Ledford and Heneman)
·         Service Climate (Schneider and Barbera)
·         The Amazing Untold Truth About Interviewing People for Their First Post-College Job (Sorcher)
·         HR Interventions that Go Viral (Yost)
However, only the Skill-Based Pay article was a topic identified by SHRM as needed. In addition, three other papers have been promised:
·         Leadership Identification (Shepherd and Ployhart)
·         Person Organization Fit (Kristof-Brown and Schneider)
·         Executive Dysfunction (McCauley and McCall)
There has been little success in identifying willing authors for some topics:
·         Developing Leaders
·         Building High Performance Work Teams
Deb Cohen and Nancy Woolever, representing SHRM, and Gary Latham and Nancy Tippins, representing SIOP, held a conference call on March 11, 2010 to discuss the project. There were several outcomes of the call. First, SHRM will review the four papers that have been written and provide feedback regarding the appropriateness of the topic as three of the four papers focus on topics not on SHRM’s original list. Second, SHRM is now planning on distributing material electronically because of the cost of mailings. Third, because of the difficulty of getting authors, advertising for authors in TIP was considered; however, before any publicity occurs, SHRM will determine if papers on all topics are useful to SHRM.
SHRM has written a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SHRM and SIOP that covers the use of the content.   The MOU has been reviewed by SIOP and should be signed by both parties shortly.