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Program Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Sara P. Weiner
Date: March 15, 2010

Progress Report
Committee Members:
Sara P. Weiner, Program Chair
John C. Scott, Past Program Chair
Mariangela Battista, Program Chair-in-training
Eden King, Call/Flanagan Committee Chair
Linda Shanock, COI/IP Committee Chair
Scott Mondore, Master Collaboration Chair
Julie Holliday Wayne
Marisa Adelman
Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang, Friday Seminar Chair
C. Shawn Burke, Thursday Theme Track Chair
Nancy DeLay
Kenneth G. Brown
Timothy Golden
Gerald (Jay) Goodwin
Kara L. Orvis
Mariangela Battista, Saturday Theme Track Chair
Corinne Donovan
Anne Herman
Rick Pollak
Paula Schlesinger
Harold Goldstein
Gene Johnson, LGBT Chair
Gene Johnson, LGBT Chair
Final Report from 2010 Program Chair
  • All committee members above were thanked for their significant service
  • Transition meetings and notes with Program Chair in Training Mariangela Battista and incoming Program Chair in Training C. Shawn Burke
  • President Eduardo Salas selected the 2011 Thursday Theme Track topic: “Managing HR for Environmental Sustainability”; Stephan Dilchert, Deniz Ones, and Susan Jackson have agreed to be the co-chairs (Stephan will be the lead)
  • Good progress on defining 2011 Saturday Theme Track topic chosen by Mariangela and led by Shawn: “I/O's Role in the Creation of True Evidence-Based Human Resource Management”
  • Continuing to add to/edit the Program Chair documentation
  • There is a problem in the 2010 paper program that is due to a software glitch. Any papers in a symposium that had a single author were deleted and that author was grouped with the second paper. The errata will reflect this very unfortunate error for a couple of dozen cases.
  • The Newcomer Reception is waiting for final touches to present with Adrienne Colella
  • All is in place for an outstanding 2010 conference!