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Progress Report – Awards Committee

Wendy Boswell, Chair
January 2009

  1. Goal: Develop protocol for award process

·       Disseminate award protocol (“process map”) to the EC prior to Fall EC meeting
·       Discuss protocol at the Fall EC meeting
·       Incorporate feedback and revise for final EC approval by end of 2008


·       Protocol was disseminated and discussed at Fall EC meeting
·       Suggested changes were incorporated
·       Protocol was emailed to Dave on Dec 22 to distribute to the EC
·       Final EC approval pending

  1. Goal: Increase the number of nominations submitted for the “Distinguished” awards

·       Continue to increase “advertisement” of awards and nomination process
·       The EC has been asked to assist with encouraging nominations for the Service Award in particular
·       The EC will be updated regarding the number of nominations three weeks prior to the nomination deadline


·        On-going

  1. Goal: Enhance the diversity of members of the Award Committee
·        Bring in broadened and considerate perspectives on the award committees
·        Scholars from diverse sources and backgrounds have been asked and have agreed to serve on the award committee. Diversity on dimensions such as:
o       Non-U.S.
o       teaching universities
o       practitioners
o       balance of individuals in different programs (e.g., psych vs. business schools)
o       not necessarily past winners of the respective award
·        Diversity continues to increase. For example, in regards to the “2nd round awards,” there are 18 members that are practitioners (two of these are chairing a committee) and 4 international members
·        See attached award committee members
  1. Goal: Restructure the Raymond A. Katzell Award
·        Paul Thayer discussed various options with Kitty and Kitty responded with her preference
·        The Katzell Award has been revised
·        There are currently no nominations for the Katzell award
·        The committee (chaired by Laura Koppes) is actively soliciting and developing a slate of possible nominees
Updates or Comments from Chair:
The deadline for nominations for the 2nd round awards is January 30. There are currently a handful of nominations for the scholarships, fellowships, and grants. Once the nomination process closes, the committees will evaluate the nominees and submit their recommendation to me by March 1. I will then forward the Award Committee recommendation to Dave Nershi within a few days.
2nd Round Award Committees:
            (Chair) Sarah Hezlett (PDRI)
James Connolly (Spherion)
John Fleenor (CCL)
Alyssa Gibbons (Colorado State)
Stephen Zaccaro (George Mason)
Graduate Student Scholarships:
(Chair) Erich Dierdorff (Depaul U.)
Lori Foster Thompson (NC State)
Eric A. Surface (SWA Consulting)
Alyssa Westring – (Depaul)
J. Kemp Ellington (Illinois Institute of Tech)
Frederik Anseel (Ghent)
Stuart Carr (Massey University)
Adam Grant (UNC)
Dave Mayer (U. of Central Florida)
Stephen Humphrey (Penn State)
(Chair) Jerard Kehoe
Teresa Russell (HumRRO)
Gene Johnson (Dell)
Suzanne Bell (DePaul University)
 Martha Hennen (U.S. Postal Service)
Alberto Galue (Texas Instruments)
Small Grants:
Chair: Corey Miller
Nikki Dudley (Shaker Consulting)
Robert Gibby (Proctor & Gamble)
Jay Goodwin (Army Research Institute)
C. Allen Gorman (Angelo State University)
Megan Leasher (Chally)
Joseph Lyons (Air Force Research Institute)
Charles N. “Chad” Thompson (Aon Talent)
Raymond A. Katzell Award in I-O Psychology:
            (Chair) Laura Koppes (University of West Florida)
            Leaetta Hough (Dunnette Group)
            Sherry Schneider (U. of Western Florida)
            Piers Steel (University of Calgary)
            Wally Borman (PDRI)
Jose Peiro (University of Valencia)
Deb Cohen (SHRM)