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Update on SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

Paul Sackett, Editor
1. Journal content
Volume 1 has now been published. To review:
Issue 1:  Bill Macey and Ben Schneider on employee engagement (with 13 commentaries) and Chuck Lance on assessment centers (with 10 commentaries).
Issue 2 : Kevin Murphy on performance ratings (with 8 commentaries), and an article integrating input from 22 countries on the legal environment for personnel selection (with 5 commentaries).
Issue 3: Leaetta Hough and Fred Oswald on personality measures in personnel selection (with 8 commentaries) and Scott Highhouse on decision maker reliance on subjective judgment (with 9 commentaries)
Issue 4: Frank Landy on prejudice and stereotyping (with 13 commentaries) and Kurt Kraiger on new developments in learning theory (with 9 commentaries).
Volume 2 is well underway. Issue 1 is in production, commentaries have been accepted for Issue 2, focal articles for Issue 3 will be posted for comment in February, and Issue 4 is in development
Issue 1: Nancy Tippins on internet testing, and Ruth Kanfer on work motivation.   
Issue 2: George Hollenbeck on executive selection, and Jerry Greenberg on justice.
Issue 3: Sandra Davis and Doug McKenna on coaching, and Michael Frese, Neil Anderson, and Miriam Erez on innovation (note that both of these build from the SIOP Leading Edge consortia)
Issue 4: Rob Silzer and Allan Church on leadership potential, and one paper still in negotiations.
 Each of the eight issues in the first two volumes issues contains a focal article with a professional practice perspective and with authorship representation from the practice world.
2. The Publication Process
We easily filled our 480 page allotment for Volume 1, and Wiley-Blackwell will increase the page budget for Volume 2.
Wiley-Blackwell nominated the journal for the Best New Journal Award of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers. The journal was named one of 4 finalists for the award, but was not selected as the winner.
3. Editorial transition
SIOP has selected Cynthia McCauley as my successor as editor. I will see the journal through Volume 2, with the editorial transition taking place at the New Orleans conference in April. I’m in contact with Cynthia regarding the transition.