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Professional Practices Series Editorial Board Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Allen I. Kraut

Date, January 19, 2009

X Goals Report
X Progress Report

Committee Members: Professional Practice Series, 2008-2009
Adler, Seymour
Fogli, Lawrence
Kolmstetter, Elizabeth
Kraut, Allen I. (Series Editor)
Lundby, Kyle
Lundquist, Kathleen
Macey, William
Saari, Lise

Committee’s Strategic Planning Goals: (Please highlight committee goals related to the advocacy of SIOP’s Strategic Planning Goals)
            As stated in prior reports, I can summarize our two key goals as follows:
1.                              Our primary goal over the next five years is to put out a stream of books, at the rate of about two per year, to attract a broad readership of practitioners drawn from I-O psychology practitioners, faculty and students, as well as a greatly increased number from HRM practitioners and policy–makers. The emphases in these volumes will be to present well-researched and effective practices, based on the best science available, in an attempt to describe and influence future “best practices.”
           We will increase our effort to be attractive and accessible to the broad audience of HR practitioners and to the policy-makers who utilize so much of I-O psychology. This includes cooperation and joint marketing with SHRM, the premier organization for HR professionals.
2.                              Our second strategic goal is to ensure a broad international and global outlook in our Professional Practice Volumes. We expect to do this by having Volume Editors consciously attend to global concerns in their chapter choices and editing, and to include non-US authors as chapter contributors. 
Updates or Comments From Chair:
A. The current Board has already supported and stimulated proposals for three new Volumes which should help us achieve our goals.   In December 2008, the first two of these proposals were approved by the Editorial Board and sent to Jossey-Bass for a formal contract, etc. (It should be noted that the Jossey-Bass representative has been involved in all the reviews done of these proposals as they were being developed.)
  1. The first of these is tentatively titled “Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace.” The Editors will be Kyle Lundby (a member of the Editorial Board) and Jeffrey Jolton. The Volume will be about changes needed in practitioners’ mindsets and actions when American-based I-O moves to deal with the global workforce.  It will cover the “life-cycle” employee events in a firm, from recruitment and selection to development and retirement.  In a preview this April, several of the contributors will discuss such issues in a SIOP Conference symposium. 
  1. The second volume proposed to Jossey-Bass is based on last October’s SIOP Leading Edge Consortium on Executive Coaching.   The Volume’s editors will be Gina Hernez-Broome & Lisa A. Boyce, both of whom played significant roles in that Conference. The book is tentatively titled “Advancing Executive Coaching: Ingredients for Successful Leadership Coaching.”   Rather than just be a “proceedings” of the LEC presentations, it will be an updated and well integrated work on one of the most popular and timely HRM practices led by I-O psychology. 
As the Volume’s Editors state: “Bringing together the most current thinking from I-O psychology, science and practice, this volume will provide insights and perspectives grounded in theory and research to guide coaching programs and practices into the future.” 
  1. The third proposal being prepared for submission (within the next month) to Jossey-Bass has to do with the use of the internet, PCs, and other advanced technology for selection, promotion and placement. It is being developed by Nancy Tippins and Seymour Adler (a current member of the Editorial Board). The tentative title is “Using Technology to Enhance the Assessment of Talent.”
Again, this proposed Volume will deal with a large, timely and important area of I-O practice. As the Editors put it: “The objective of this volume is to enable practitioners to make better decisions, based on the best available scientific knowledge and professional experience, on using technology to assess talent at all levels of the organization and for a full range of applications from entry-level selection to senior-level succession and talent management.”
B. It is also worth remembering that four volumes are currently in the pipeline and will continue under the direction of the previous Editorial Board, headed by Allan Church and Janine Waclawski. The tentative titles and volume Editors are:
  • Talent Management by Rob Silzer and Ben Dowell,
  • Diversity and Inclusion by Bernardo Ferdman
  • Performance Management by Manny London and James Smither
  • Workplace Assessments by John Scott and Doug Reynolds.
C. In early January, 2009, David Nershi wrote to me that he 
“... had a very productive conversation with (Jossey-Bass’s) Matt Davis. He is interested in exploring co-promotional opportunities to raise the profile of the Professional Practice series (and ultimately sell more books). He said their target is that each volume should sell at least 2,500 units over a three-year period. He is very optimistic about the upcoming talent management title as well as the executive coaching and global I-O projects. I think the weak sales (of some books) are a concern to him and he discussed staying away from “niche” topics.
There are a number of avenues he wants to explore with us including:
  • Mailers to members (especially targeting universities)
  • Webinars with chapter authors to promote new books
  • Affiliate program (where we host a URL page and the members would buy the books directly from Jossey-Bass)
  • A digital database of all SIOP content (I need more information on this)
  • Posting of sample chapters
I told him that we’re committed to greater promotion of the PP series books and would plan on a Web story on each book and a greater Web site presence. Matt is going to put some ideas together (he said within 10 days) and send them to me for review.”
D. In order to select and encourage suitable books in the following years, this Editorial Board plans to meet sometime during the SIOP Conference in New Orleans this April for more in-person discussion. The decision not to have a separate face-to-face meeting of the Editorial Board is motivated in part by a desire to adjust to the expected tightness in SIOP’s operating budget during this economic downturn. (We have been using the Internet primarily since last SIOP’s conference.)
      Any suggestions from members of SIOP’s Executive Committee about future topics or works in the Professional Practice Series will be most welcome.
Respectfully submitted,
Allen I. Kraut, Series Editor