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Program Committee Goals and Progress Report

Committee Chair Name: John C. Scott
Date: 12-22-08

X Goals Report
o Progress Report
Committee Members:
Strategic Program Planning Subcommittee Members:
Sara Weiner, Incoming Program Chair (2010)
Steven Rogelberg, Past Program Chair (2008) 

Communities of Interest/Interactive Posters
Thursday Theme Track
Anthony Adorno, Chair                       
Denise M. Rousseau, Chair
Dave Daly
Gerard Beenen
John DeVille
Rob Briner
Michael Hargis
Jone Pearce
Ivan Kulis
Sara Rynes
Katy Melcher
Chad Van Iddekinge
Saturday Theme Track
Sara Weiner, Chair
Call for Proposals/Flanagan Award
Peter Bachiochi
Mo Wang, Chair
Alessia D'Amato
Eden King
Stephen Dwight
Autumn D. Krauss
Michele Ehler
Jeanie Whinghter
Adam M. Grant
John Howes
Friday Seminars
Deborah E. Rupp
Russell Johnson, Chair
Daniel B.Turban
Daisy Chang
Glenda Fisk
Master Collaboration
Chris Rosen
Linda Shanock, Chair
H.P. Sin
Jamie Donsbach
David Hofmann
Ronald Piccolo

Program Goals and Progress to Date:

1.  Reviewer & Submission Statistics & Update for ’09 SIOP program
  • 1250 submissions submitted and 1150 reviewers signed up
    • 4888 reviews conducted for a 95% completion rate
  • Program committee met to establish cut scores and schedule the program
  • Acceptance cutoff scores set resulting in an overall acceptance rate of 73%
    • 75 % Posters accepted (N=657)
    • 61 % Symposia accepted (N=150)
    • 77 % Panels accepted (N=66)
    • 63 % Roundtables accepted (N=17)
    • 67 % Master Tutorial accepted (N=4)
  • Communicated all decisions to submitters
    • New web site set up to allow participants to view submission status without relying on email notifications
  • Scheduled all accepted sessions
  • Scheduled EC discretionary track & Awards sessions
  • Scheduled Thursday and Saturday Theme
    • Began marketing activities to publicize these tracks (starting with articles on SIOP web site)
  • Schedule Master Collaboration series
  • Scheduled Friday Seminars, Communities of Interest, Top Posters and Interactive Posters
  • Selected and notified Flanagan award winner
  • Scheduled historic firsts for a SIOP conference, including invited addresses by the presidents of APA and SHRM
  • Scheduled Friday Keynote Dr.Peter Gollwitzer, Professor of Psychology at NYU
  • Solicited and obtained media coverage of the conference by Human Resource Executive Magazine
  • Finalizing Interactive Poster facilitators
  • Submitted TIP article describing program highlights in New Orleans
2. Additional Program Activities
·        Schedule and conduct debrief with SIOP AO staff, outside programmer and incoming program chair (Sara Weiner) to address software issues and ensure necessary upgrades/revisions are made for next year
·        Update documentation and help prepare new program chair for the job