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APS Program Committee Report

For SIOP 12-20-09
-          Current APS I-O Program Chair: Deidra Schleicher
-          Incoming APS I-O Program Chair (APS I-O Program Chair In-Training): Maria Rotundo
-          New APS I-O Program Chair In-Training: TBD (by April, 2010)
Upcoming APS Conference Update (May 27-30, 2010, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel):

Invited I-O sessions (Saturday, May 29th; 5 hours of programming):
1. Symposium: “Future Directions in Creativity Research” (80 minutes in length)
Confirmed Presenters: Teresa Amabile, Lucy Gilson, Christina Shalley, and Jing Zhou.
Outstanding Invitation: Pam Tierney
Chair: Maria Rotundo
(10 minutes transition)
2. Symposium: “Understanding the Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Counterproductive Work Behavior” (working title) (50 minutes in length)
Confirmed Presenters: Reeshad Dalal and Maria Rotundo (there will be a third presenter, yet TBD)
Chair: Maria Rotundo
(10 minutes transition)
3. Invited Talk: “Leadership Criteria in Organizational Research: A Twenty-Year Review” (25 minutes in length)
Confirmed Presenter: Nathan Hiller (co-author: Leslie DeChurch)
(10 minutes transition)
4. Invited Talk: “The Role of Personality and Situations at Work” (25 minutes in length)
Confirmed Presenter: Murray Barrick
(10 minutes transition)
5. Symposium: “Writing, Publishing, and Living Happily Ever After: Tips and Strategies from Exceptionally Successful I-O Researchers” (80 minutes in length)
Confirmed Presenters: Gary Latham and Fred Morgeson
Chair/Moderator: Deidra Schleicher
Total Time for Invited I-O Program: 300 minutes (5 hours)
Submitted I-O sessions (once accepted would be scheduled throughout the conference):
The call for submissions (posters and symposia) opened October 21st 2009 and closes January 31st 2010. APS has gone to a rolling review process, where review of submissions can begin immediately. To date there have been 5 I-O-related posters and 0 I-O-related symposia submitted and reviewed; 3 (of 5) posters have been accepted.
Action Items for EC:
None at this time.