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Education and Training Committee

Update, December 2009
Marcus Dickson (Chair)
Mikki Hebl (Chair-in-Training)
This update covers each of the goals approved by the Executive Board for the Education and Training Committee for 2009-2010. In addition to these goals, E&T continues to field calls and emails related to choosing a graduate program, online graduate programs, etc. There has been a significant increase in the number of contacts from people wanting SIOP’s “position” on online graduate training programs, or information on employers’ perceptions of such programs.
“Maintenance” Goals carrying over from 2008-2009
1.     Continue to provide information and referral services concerning group study abroad opportunities for SIOP to coordinate among U.S. graduate programs.
There has been little activity on this goal in the past few months. Once the new Educators Page is in place, we anticipate having an easy venue for publicizing study abroad opportunities.
2.     Maintain and increase the SIOP Teaching Wiki website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects), as well as the awareness of the site by potential users.
Julie Lyon continues to lead the sub-committee addressing this goal.  She, Scott Tonidandel (Chair of the Educators Page sub-committee), Marcus Dickson, and Mikki Hebl met by conference call to discuss the parameters of the Wiki and the Educators page, to better delineate what type of material should go where, in order to facilitate members finding the materials they are looking for.
The teaching-related symposium coordinated by Julie was accepted for presentation at SIOP, with Marcus Dickson serving as Discussant.
The Wiki Sub-committee continues to explore ways to use new media to get the word out to other SIOP members for zero cost. The wiki has a variety of Web 2.0 features, such as embedded video and RSS feeds of any changes to the site, and the committee wants to maximize the technology available to us.
One item under discussion is that APA Division 2 (Teaching of Psychology) has a peer review process for submissions to their wiki, thereby allowing their members to receive c.v. credit for submitted items. The feasibility and value of this for SIOP and its members is under discussion.
As a result of conversations with the Executive Director, the Wiki sub-committee has begun to develop a strategy for integrating materials suitable for students in online graduate training programs, and has begun to target faculty in those programs for invitations to submit materials to the wiki.
3.     Continue to host the annual Program Directors Meeting in conjunction with the Long-Range Planning Committee
Last year, the Program Directors Meeting was taken “off-program” and publicized via email to program directors. For some reason, the attendance at the meeting was more than double the average attendance of the last few SIOP conferences, and so we intend to use the same structure again this year. Dickson and Hebl will coordinate room availability and meeting publicity with the SIOP office and Executive Director.
4.     Continue to support the Doctoral Consortium as an important part of the SIOP Conference
At the recommendation of Education and Training, the Doctoral Consortium – and the Master’s Consortium – have both been moved by the Executive Board so that they now fall under the direct purview of the Education and Instruction Officer. E&T will of course be supportive of these programs in any way we can, but no longer will carry this as a goal.
Carryover Goals from 2008-2009 to be completed in 2009-2010
5.     Assess the current state of education and training in consulting and business skills in US I-O master's and Ph.D. training programs, and to compare this with employers' perceptions of the preparedness of new I-O Ph.D.s in terms of the basic business and consulting skills.
The sub-committee chaired by Alexis Fink has completed this goal, and their report to the Executive Board is attached to this report. They are currently converting the report into a shortened version to be submitted to TIP.
A proposal for this committee to report their results to the Society as part of the Executive Board block of sessions at the upcoming conference was accepted, and that presentation is currently being developed by the sub-committee.
6.     Publicize the Introductory Psychology-oriented PowerPoint slides (that are already developed by previous E&T leadership and members) to textbook publishing companies for inclusion in their instructor ancillaries.
To date, meetings or calls have been held with representatives from four publishing companies, and two publishing companies have been in contact with David Nershi to negotiate access to these materials, with one agreement finalized and one in progress. E&T has seen its role in this process as being making initial contacts and promoting the idea, and then turning negotiations over to Executive Director Nershi, and so he may provide additional information.
7.     Enhance the Educators Page on the SIOP Website
This goal is being pursued by a sub-committee chaired by Scott Tonidandel. As noted above, Scott, Julie Lyon (Wiki Sub-committee chair), Marcus Dickson, and Mikki Hebl have been in conversation about how best to allocate content between the Educators page and the wiki. The Educators Page sub-committee is making rapid progress in outlining the key sections seen as important for the page, and intend to bring a proposal to the Executive Director shortly.
8.     Develop materials for graduate students on research funding opportunities and strategies for acquiring research funding.
Unexpected administrative duties arising for members of this sub-committee have prevented their making significant progress on this goal. We anticipate this goal carrying over into 2010-2011.
9.     Re-develop the I-O Ambassadors Program so that it can begin to achieve the goals that were initially set for it.
Stuart Sidle has organized the committee to move forward on this goal. While progress has been made on this goal, the size of the undertaking remains large. We anticipate this goal carrying over into 2010-2011.
New Goals for 2009-2010
10. Hold a Conversation Hour at the SIOP Conference (preferably as part of the program, but off-program if this is not possible) between MA/MS programs and Ph.D. programs
At the strong request from attendees at the 2009 Program Directors Meeting, Mikki Hebl (E&T Chair-in-Training) developed and submitted a proposal, which was accepted for presentation at the SIOP conference, for a roundtable focused on promoting conversation between terminal master’s and Ph.D. programs. The hosts include representatives from universities with a terminal master’s program only, a Ph.D. program only, both terminal master’s and a separate Ph.D. program, and a university with a terminal master’s program that is currently starting a Ph.D. program.
11. Engage with PACAT Inc., the publisher of the ACAT assessment of undergraduate student learning outcomes, in order to advocate for them to include I-O content as part of the ACAT assessment, which would likely lead to increased coverage of I-O topics in undergraduate curricula.
E&T remains eager to pursue this goal, if directed to do so by the Executive Board. We referred this topic to the EB for direction, but have not received guidance on whether and how to move forward, or whether the task has been undertaken by the Executive Office or officers.
Newly Assigned Goals since last report
12. Conduct an assessment of the number of programs offering graduate level training in I-O Psychology, as well as their curriculum and staffing.
In September, 2009, SIOP President Kurt Kraiger tasked E&T with producing “a short summary of the online I/O education issue that we could discuss at the winter meeting. What programs are there? Who's teaching in these? What are the implications for SIOP in terms of employment opportunities for members, membership qualifications, etc.”
Stefanie Johnson took on the task of preparing this report. Her sub-committee has been extremely active, including conducting a survey of online programs identified. Their report should be completed within the next few days, and will be made available to Executive Board members in advance of the upcoming meeting.
13. Assess the viability and desirability of establishing “student chapters” of SIOP within graduate training programs.
In December, 2009, SIOP President Kurt Kraiger tasked E&T with considering whether formalized graduate student chapters of SIOP, similar to what APS has in place, would be beneficial to the Society in terms of promoting the conversion of student members into full (or associate, as appropriate) members of the Society upon graduation from their training programs. A concern is that SIOP seems to have a large number of student members who never convert to full membership, and subsequently drift away from SIOP.
Marcus Dickson is chairing an ad hoc committee to review this proposal. Members will include the E&T Chair-in-Training, the Chair of SIOP’s Membership Committee or designate, a representative from the Professional Practice Committee, a representative from a terminal master’s training program, and a current graduate student. The ad hoc committee will prepare a brief summary of their suggestions and ideas related to this proposal in time for the April, 2010 Executive Board meeting.