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Update on SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

December 2009
Cynthia McCauley, Editor
Work on Volume 3 of the journal is well underway. Issue 1 is in production. Commentaries have been selected and are being revised by authors for Issue 2. Focal articles for Issue 3 are under revision—they will be posted on the SIOP website by mid-January for commentary. Potential focal articles have been identified for Issue 4. 
Issue 1: Morgan McCall on leadership development (with 10 commentaries) and Eden King and Jose Cortina on LGBT-supportive organizational policies (with 7 commentaries).
Issue 2: Cary Cherniss on emotional intelligence (with 11 commentaries) and Adam Meade and Scott Tonidandel on test bias (with 6 commentaries).
Issue 3: Ann Marie Ryan and Kevin Ford on changes in the professional identity of organizational psychology; and Jeff Johnson, Piers Steel, Charles Scherbaum, Calvin Hoffman, Richard Jeanneret, and Jeff Foster on synthetic validity.
Issue 4: Reeshad Dalal, Silvia Bonaccio, Scott Highhouse, Daniel Ilgen, Susan Mohammed, and Jerel Slaughter on increasing connections between IO psychology and judgment and decision making research; and Fritz Drasgow on the advantages of Thurstone’s approach to personality assessment (based on his Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award presentation at the 2009 SIOP conference).
Each focal article addresses both science and practice issues related to its topic. Our goal is to stimulate commentaries from a broad spectrum of I-O psychologists (and professionals in related fields). However, we continue to receive more commentaries written by individuals in academic settings than in practice settings. I have solicited several ideas from individuals in practice settings for increasing the number of practitioner commentaries (mostly aimed at early identification of practitioners who have expertise on the topic of the focal article and working with them more directly on commentaries). I’ll be trying these ideas out with Issue 3. We are achieving more success with generating commentaries from colleagues outside of the U.S. Ten of the thirty-four commentaries which will be published in Issues 1 and 2 were authored or co-authored from individuals outside of the U.S.
I have quite a pipeline of ideas for focal articles for Volume 4 and will be sorting through those with editorial board members in the next month or two to identify the most promising focal articles for the first two issues for 2011. After two years of high-quality journal issues (thanks to Paul Sackett), I believe that SIOP members are seeing the unique opportunity the journal offers to write articles that take a perspective on an issue and to engage with colleagues in sorting out that issue. As a result, I am receiving more proposals for focal articles and ideas from members about topics they would like to see addressed in the journal.