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SIOP Membership Report

January 2010

Membership Statistics
2009 was a great year for SIOP membership! Membership numbers reached an all-time high in July, exceeding 8200 members, before those who were unpaid for the 2010 dues year (May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010) were marked as lapsed, dropping the total to around 5500. Numbers have continued to rise since August as members renew their lapsed dues and new members join, now with just over 7000 active members.
In 2009, SIOP welcomed 455 new professional members (statuses Member, Associate, or International Affiliate). This is a 12% increase in the number of new professional members compared to 2008. 
Of the 455 new professional members:
·         116 live outside the United States (25%)
·         261 were upgrades from Student Affiliate to Member, Associate, or International Affiliate (or possibly one or two from Associate or International Affiliate to Member) (57.36%)
·         224 are employed in the private or public sectors, 147 are employed by universities and 84 listed “none” or left the employment field blank
In 2009, SIOP also welcomed 1462 new Student Affiliates, a 49% increase in the number of new students compared to 2008. Of the 1462 new Student Affiliates, 145 live outside the United States (10%).
Improvements to Membership-related Web Programs
The SIOP Administrative Office completed a project to update and improve the functionality of the “Membership Online” program, through which new professional membership applications are submitted, reviewed by committee, and processed for completion. Improvements were also made to the “Benefits of Membership” and “Criteria for Membership” sections of the SIOP Web site to address user-friendliness and aesthetics issues.
In 2010, the AO will complete a project to overhaul the dues payment Web site, along with the application through which members submit updates to their contact information. This project will replace outdated programming language within the SIOP.org site and will also address functionality and ease of use issues with both the dues and contact update programs.
Exit Interview
The Membership Committee is developing a survey to give to members who decline to rejoin SIOP to find out why the people leave the organization.  The survey will be conducted in conjunction with SIOP’s Institutional Research Committee.
New SIOP Conference Ambassador Program
This is covered as a separate agenda item (6.E.3.) within this briefing book.