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Professional Practice Series Committee Report

December 18, 2009
Chair, Allen Kraut
        The Professional Practices Series Editorial Board’s goals remain to seek a broader readership and reflect an international perspective in our books.
       In summary, good progress is being made in producing the books in the Professional Practices Series. We have three volumes under contract which are progressing well and are now reviewing one new and exciting proposal. We would like to get more Executive Committee support to use the Leading Edge Conferences as a basis for future volumes.
1.        Volumes Underway
Under the current Editorial Board, three volumes are now being prepared:
  • “Going Global: Practical Applications and Recommendations for HR and OD Professionals in the Global Workplace,” by Editor Kyle Lundby (and Jeffrey Jolton). All of the chapters are complete and have been submitted to the publisher.  The book should be available at the SIOP 2010 Conference. 
  • “Advancing Executive Coaching: Ingredients for Successful Leadership Coaching,” edited by Gina Hernez-Broome & Lisa A. Boyce, is scheduled to be submitted soon. (This Volume came out of the 2008 Leading Edge Conference on a similar topic.) The Editors are working a Dec. 31, 2009 deadline for contributors’ final draft.  Overall progress is good, and they should have no problem meeting their March 2010 goal to have all the manuscripts to the publisher.
  • “Technology Enhanced Assessment of Talent”, to be edited by Nancy Tippins and Seymour Adler.   First drafts of chapters are being submitted now.  If the Editors can keep to their schedule, Technology-Enhanced Assessments of Talent will be complete April 15, 2010 and submitted to Jossey-bass then. 
2.  Proposed Volume
The Editorial Board is now reviewing (for the second time) a proposal for a volume in the SIOP Professional Practice Series, tentatively titled Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability (Living in the New Green World) to be edited by Susan E. Jackson, Deniz S. Ones, and Stephan Dilchert.    Reactions have been very favorable, and we are likely to have recommended it to Jossey-Bass for a contract by the time the Executive Committee meets in January.  
  1.  Possible discussion item 
As noted above, the Coaching volume came out of an LEC on that topic. These Conferences present the latest and best work on practice issues, and would be a natural springboard for Practices Volumes. Unfortunately, the LEC organizers are not coming in with this possibility in their minds.
Preliminary conversations with Eduardo Salas early in 2009 suggested the possibility of a coordinated pair of volumes, one from the Practice Series that would be linked to one in the Frontiers Series.  (Note that the LEC has a Practice Chair as well as a Science Chair, and might be a good fit.)
  I actively explored the possibility of using the Leading Edge Conference on Selection and Assessment as a possible basis for such a pair. I was unable to get any of the key people from that LEC to accept the Editorship of such a volume in the Practice Series. Can the Executive Committee influence such decisions for the future LEC meetings? 
As always, members of the EC are invited and encouraged to send me their ideas for new books, themes and topics in the Practice Series. The Editorial Board will meet at the SIOP Conference in Atlanta to discuss all future proposals and strive to initiate and prioritize them. We will also consider suggestions on a continuing basis, before and after the Conference.
Respectfully Submitted,
Allen I. Kraut
Series Editor