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CE Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Jolene Skinner
December 8, 2010

Progress Report
Committee Members:
Jacqueline Wall
Daniel Freschi (student)

Strategic Planning Goals: (Progress against are listed as sub-bullets)
1.     Support:
o    Continue to coordinate with the Executive Office to ensure that our members receive timely CE notification and that the CE objectives are in line with the APA and HRCI standards for the April conference.
o    Continue to utilize survey feedback from our members (conference, workshops, LE) to ensure our CE offerings are aligned with our members’ needs.
2.     Integrate (as related to #4):
o    Work with the Executive Office to update our membership tracking information so that we can track both certification and licensure information.
o    Update the conference submission process to partially automate how sessions can be registered for HRCI credit (working with HRCI, Executive Office, and Conference/Workshop Chairs)
o    Ensure we maximize the HRCI partnership
3.     Expand (as related to #3 above - increased support for SIOP members):
o    Provide and produce one pilot online CE offering (Ethics is suggested topic, per Workshop/Conference chairs and CE Assessment data).
o    Explore offering CE in partnerships with local I/O organizations.
o    Explore other potential outside partnerships (e.g., ASTD)
Updates or Comments From Chair:
·          We worked in partnership to review and finalize the LE Consortium CE objectives and will also do so for the upcoming conference workshops.
·          We are currently reviewing all accepted proposals for submission to HRCI. Once approved, they will be advertised in the program as available for HRCI credit.
·          We are finalizing logistics with BlueSky, The Executive Office, and our presenter, Joel Lefkovitz, on how to record the initial session during the April conference. Once confirmed, we will begin planning the content and course design.