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Electronic Communications Progress Report Form

Committee Chair: Christopher Rotolo
Date: 12/22/2010
Committee Membership:
Members: Charles Handler, Zach Horn, Jon Levine
Past Chair: Ted Hayes
AO Representation: Stephany Schings
ECC Objectives, and Goals (2010-2011):
We believe that the ECC has three primary goals on behalf of SIOP and its members:
1.    To create and enhance the sense of community among SIOP members
2.    To enable information sharing among SIOP members
3.    To enable SIOP to become a vital resource and knowledge repository for its members and the general public
To achieve these goals, we will pursue the following objectives for 2010-2011:
a)    Develop Governance to Support Tools:
a.     We will define and document rules, roles, and processes for the new wiki tools on SIOP.org (for example, who has rights to read, write, define pages, etc.). (December, 2010)
b.     We will also periodically review the existing governance for the Exchange and modify as necessary. (Ongoing)
We have come to consensus on most of the governance issues surrounding the use of, and contribution to, both the Wiki and the Exchange. We are finalizing some of the details and will put all governance issues into a document for the Board’s review. (Feb, 2011).
b)    Drive Traffic to and Usage of Existing Tools – We will develop and execute an action plan to build awareness, understanding and use for the SIOP Practitioner Wiki and Exchange platforms. (Action Plan by November, 2010)
To drive traffic, as well as to establish the Wiki and Exchange as valuable resources to our members and the public, we have developed the concept of a “Focused Blog Session” that would an ongoing feature. Each session is focused on a particular topic. The session will have a dedicated date/time when it will begin and end. We will have well-known experts on the topic as moderators/hosts for the session. The host will be able to post interesting/provocative materials (e.g., popular press articles, research articles, presentations) on the Wiki as pre-reading materials before the event. During the session, we’ll use the Exchange to manage the discussion (and seed the moderator with interesting questions to pose to the public). After the close of the session, we’ll clean up the discussion and post in the Wiki with the reference materials for on-going discussion by the membership.
·          A pilot of the first session is planned (mid-late Feb)
·          A publications calendar is being developed to seed the Wiki throughout the year (Feb, 2011)
c)     Explore Potential for New Tools/Add-Ons – Based on existing data (e.g., practitioner survey) as well as future data to be collected as needed, we will explore the need and feasibility of future tools (Ongoing). Examples include:
a.     Mentoring – As the Professional Practice Committee’s mentoring program takes shape, we anticipate an opportunity for the ECC to assist in developing online solutions (either new or part of existing platforms such as the Practice Wiki) to support the program (e.g., virtual mentoring, group mentoring).
b.     Conference proceedings – Other professional societies (e.g., HFS) compile a proceedings publication from its annual conference. There are a number of advantages to producing such a publication. SIOP should explore the advantages and drawbacks to such a publication, and if pursued, what platform would best suit this information (e.g., Practitioner Wiki or on its own).
c.     Research exchange – There is a persistent need to bring the work of scientists and practitioners into greater alignment. One potential vehicle could be a forum where scientists and practitioners can exchange interests in collaborating on research.
d.     Integrated dashboard – As the proliferation of interest groups and specialty sites grow (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook), SIOP could become a key resource by bringing disparate pieces of information together by interest/discipline. A future need that SIOP could fulfill would be to bring these disparate pieces of information together for SIOP members.
·          We have worked with the AO to develop dedicated space on the Wiki for SIOP Committees. Committees can have a public facing area, as well as areas accessible only to committee members. (Dec, 2010)
·          We are still discussion the merits, pitfalls, and potential procedures for adding conference proceedings to the Wiki. More time is needed to fully vet any recommendation made by the committee (March, 2011)