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Fellowship Committee Progress Report

Committee Chair: Wally Borman
Date: December 22, 2010

Committee Members:
Wayne Camara
Wayne Cascio
Dave Day
Jerry Hedge
Jeff McHenry
Belle Rose Ragins
Ann Marie Ryan
George Thornton
Nancy Tippins
Actions Taken:
1.    Goal: Make online nomination process more user-friendly. There were a few complaints from nominators and endorsers about the online process. Most problems proved to be these SIOP members misunderstanding some part of the process, but Emeka Ewuzie and Dave Nershi at the AO were very helpful to and supportive of these members. We may make minor changes in the system for next year to make it even easier to navigate.
2.     Goal: Administer Fellowship nomination and election process. The Fellowship Committee has gone through two rounds of voting and commenting on the nominees, and we will have a conference call next week or the week of January 3rd to finalize our recommendations to the EC. A full report will be available prior to the January 14-15 meeting.