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Executive Committee Report: Organizational Frontiers Book Series

Organizational Frontiers Series Committee 2008-13
Submitted by Eduardo Salas, Chair
December 20, 2010

Series Editor
Eduardo Salas (until 4/13)
University of Central Florida
3100 Technology Parkway
Editorial Board
Neal M. Ashkanasy (until 4/13)
University of Queensland
Adrienne Colella(until 4/13)
Tulane University
Jose Cortina (until 4/13)
George Mason University
Joan R. Rentsch (until 4/13)
University of Tennessee
Tammy Allen(until 4/13)
University of South Florida
Gary Johns (until 4/13)
Concordia University
Lisa Finkelstein, Ph.D. (until 4/13)
Northern Illinois University
John C. Scott, Ph.D. (until 4/13)
 APT Inc

1. Recently Published in 2010:
Learning, Training, and Development in Organizations, edited by Steve W. J. Kozlowski and Eduardo Salas, 2010
Adverse Impact, James L. Outtz, Editor, 2010
Commitment in Organizations: Accumulated Wisdom and New Directions
Howard J. Klein, Thomas E. Becker, and John P. Meyer, Editors, 2010
2. In Press at Taylor & Francis:
Errors in Organizations, David Hofmann and Michael Frese, Editors
Understanding and Adapting to Organizational Nepotism. Edited by Robert G. Jones 
3. Volumes Under Contract/Preparation:
Managerial Behavior and Employee Health: Sickness and Wellness, Jerald Greenberg and Aino Salimäki, Editors
Negotiating in Human Resources for the 21st Century. Barry Goldman and Debra  Shapiro
Personal Relations: The effect of supervisory, co-worker, team, customers and           nonwork exchange on employee attitude, behavior and well-being. Edited by Lilian    T. Eby and Tammy D. Allen.
Methodology in Organizational Research. Edited by Jose M. Cortina and Ronald S. Lardis
Judgement and Decision Making at Work. Edited by Scott Highhouse, Reeshad S. Dalal and Eduardo Salas
4. Proposed Volumes Under Review by Board and/or Approved (no contract yet):
      Both of these approved, waiting for contract.
Helping those who help others: Relevance of I/O Psychology to society well being. Julie B. Olson-Buchanan, Laura L. Koppes-Bryan and Lori Foster Thompson, Editors
The Psychology of Workplace Technology. Micheal D. Coovert and Lori Foster Thompson, Editors
5. Activities:
We have been securing volumes from the list generated. As of today additional volumes will include: (1) Cross Cultural Issues in Organizations (2) Leadership Development & (3) Human Performance in Extreme Environments.