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SIOP IAC 20010-2011 Committee Report

(as of December 22, 2010) 

1. Goal:    The International Affairs Committee will set up a successful International Reception at the upcoming SIOP 2011 Conference including seeking sponsorship and collaborating with David Nershi of SIOP to ensure effective coordination.
Action: By August 2009 the IA Committee will establish a taskforce to manage a fully-sponsored International Affairs Reception at SIOP and attend similar receptions at sister conferences.
Action: In April 2010, the IA Committee will host an international reception attended by more than 300 persons. This reception will also consist of a brief introduction and commentary from SIOP, IAAP, and EAWOP representatives.
Tasks Accomplished thus far:
·          The subcommittee has contacted Dave Nershi as well as other organizations about sponsorship for the upcoming International Reception.
·          The subcommittee continues to develop a secondary mixer activity involving a raffle for best networking.
·          The subcommittee will contact Dave Nershi about a proposal for recognizing recipients of International Research and Practice awards at the reception via a poster.
2. Goal: The IA Committee will identify opportunities for collaboration with sister associations like IAAP and EAWOP including seeking opportunities for sharing information through trade journals and magazines by December 2010.
Action: The IA Committee will work with the Visibility and Professional Practice Committees to build opportunities for exposure in international settings including using resources developed by these Committees to brief stakeholders worldwide like Departments of Commerce and Better Business Bureaus.
Action: The IA Committee will submit a proposal for a recurring collaborative publication forum to the TIP by January 2011.
Tasks Accomplished thus far:
·          Mo Wang will submit a draft to TIP Editors no later than March 1st.
·          The subcommittee is working jointly with Professional Practice Committee to develop a Frequently Asked Questions document for international students and practitioners. The goal of this document will be to provide information about transferring of credentials and basic recognition of credentials by American employers.
·          Rich Griffith and other subcommittee members are developing a proposal call for white papers to support the international white paper series. This proposed call for white papers will be submitted to the Executive Board no later than January 31, 2010.
·          The subcommittee also began works on a SIOP International Affairs Committee webpage and would like to conduct a survey of potential users to identify content areas.
2. Goal: The IA Committee will identify opportunities for collaboration with sister associations like IAAP and EAWOP including seeking opportunities for sharing information through trade journals and magazines by December 2009.
Action: The IA Committee will submit a proposal on the establishment of an International Research Consortium for members of SIOP, EAWOP, and IAAP by June 2010. 
Action: The IA Committee will submit develop an international research incubator on topics such as Employee Retirement. 
Tasks Accomplished thus far:
·          The Executive Board selected a Q&A town hall proposal about the Alliance for Organizational Psychology with Jose Maria Peiro, Gary Latham, Milt Hakel, and Kurt Kraiger. 
·          The subcommittee continued preparing protocols for facilitating research incubator sessions at the 2011 SIOP Conference in Chicago. The central topic for consideration is Retirement and its Effect of the Workforce. Facilitators will include Mo Wang, Debbie DiazGranados, and Walter Reichman.
·          The subcommittee is exploring proposals for a World Café activity for the 2011 or 2012 Conferences.
·          The subcommittee is also exploring upcoming opportunities for research incubators. The subcommittee would like to conduct a survey of international affiliates to develop an understanding of their preferred research topics for future efforts.
1)    Met thrice as a committee.
2)    Held several subcommittee meetings over the last three months.
3)    Finalized an agenda for international reception.
4)    Revised the proposal for white paper calls.
5)    Had two sessions accepted to the SIOP program.
6)    Suffered some setbacks because of the holidays and committee member personal situations.
1)    Review and offer feedback on the white paper series call for proposals when submitted.
2)    Provide feedback on proposed budget when submitted which will include a request for funding for future joint association calls for white papers and proposals, as well as a potential survey of international affiliates and EAWOP/IAAP members.
3)    Consider the possibility of SIOP member survey for international affairs committee. The overall goal will be to grasp what research topics are of interest to the domestic members and international affiliates, to identify how best to share information on the committee website, and to gather information on frequent concerns for SIOP members working abroad and international I-O psychologists thinking of working in the US.