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Update on SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

December 2010
Cynthia McCauley, Editor
Journal Production
The production of volume 4 (2011 volume) is underway. Issue 1 is in production with the publisher and will be out in early March 2011. Commentaries are being revised for Issue 2. Focal articles for Issue 3 will be posted in early January, and focal articles for Issue 4 have been identified.
Issue 4.1: Rob Briner and Denise Rousseau on evidence-based I-O psychology (with 13 commentaries); Howard Weiss and Deborah Rupp (with 10 commentaries) on a person-centric work psychology.
Issue 4.2: Elaine Pulakos and Ryan O’Leary on why performance management is broken (with 12 commentaries); Berrin Erdogan, Talya Bauer, Jose Maria Peiró, and Donald Truxillo (with 9 commentaries) on overqualified employees.
Issue 4.3: Rob Silzer and Dick Jeanneret on individual assessment; Ellen Kossek, Boris Baltes, and Russell Mathews on work-family research and practices.
Issue 4.4 Lise Saari and Charles Scherbaum on the promise and perils of identified employee surveys; Jerald Greenberg on broadening the domain of I-O psychology.
Author Mix
Half of the focal articles in Issue 4 are authored by individuals who have worked primarily in university settings; half by individuals who have worked primarily in other settings (consulting firms, R&D organizations, large companies). Two of the articles were co-authored by international affiliates. 
We now receive 20-25 commentary submissions in response to each focal article. I attribute the increase in submissions to efforts by the focal article authors and myself to personally invite commentaries from individuals with expertise and experience related to the topic of the focal article. About 25% of the submitted (and published) commentaries are from individuals outside of academic settings. I continue to work on strategies to increase this number (for example, creating commentaries from interviews with practitioners).
Journal Visibility
The journal is now included in the PsycInfo database (citation only) and the Ebsco Business Complete database (access to the full journal article for articles published at least one year ago). Efforts are currently underway to have the journal included in two additional databases: Scopus and Web of Science.