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SIOP Professional Practice Committee

Committee Update
Rich Cober, Chair
2010-2011 Committee Members
Alex Alonso, Debbie Gebhardt, Carl Persing, David Peterson, Mark Poteet, Heather Prather, Jodi Simco, Nancy Tippins, Dennis Doverspike, Michael Trusty, Samantha Ritchie, Amy DuVernet, Anu Ramesh, Tracy Kantrowitz, John Weiner
EB Action Item
The Committee has submitted a proposal to help facilitate practitioner access to research materials as part of our strategy to bridge research and practice.
Professional Practice Committee Update (September – December 2010)
See below the list of things that this committee has accomplished since the last Professional Practice update in August:
1.    Support the APA CRSPP review and submission with regard to practice issues.
Rich Cober, Dennis Doverspike, Carl Persing, Mike Trusty, Anu Ramesh, David Peterson, and Mark Poteet were involved in reviewing and updating selection sections of the APA CRSPP submission in support of Joan Brannick’s effort to re-submit by end of year. The committee made significant updates to four sections, received positive feedback from informal review from an APA representative, and helped Joan to complete additional areas of the submission by identifying resources and citations to strengthen the submission. Many thanks in particular to Dennis and Mike who took on large sections of the update. 
2.     Certification – there is considerable interest in exploring an I/O Certification and a committee is underway to explore.    
Rich Cober and Dennis Doverspike are members of the committee discussing certification requirements and have provided feedback supporting the initial committee dialogue on the SIOP wiki site (per direction from Chris Spielberg).  
3.     Supporting new research distribution outlets including the SIOP Practice Wiki and the IO At Work website. These channels have recently come on the seen. The Practice Wiki will requires some formal involvement from our committee, the IO At Work site is one where I would like to see more of a formal partnership/endorsement created between the site and SIOP.
Tracy Kantrowitz, with support from Rich Cober, has drafted a proposal to be reviewed and discussed at the winter EB meeting. The committee would like to see some movement by SIOP to partner with the IO at Work web site that provides summaries of journal articles that directly meet the needs of the practice community. In addition, the committee would like the EB to support exploration of additional avenues to opening up access to journals for practitioners in a way that is economically viable to the typical practitioner (at an individual level).
4.    Professional Practice Subcommittee Progress
The following section of this report contains information about the status of various Professional Practice Committee subcommittees’ work.   
a.     Practitioner Mentoring Program: Mark Poteet led the mentoring session at this year’s LEC meeting, working with various members of the Practice Committee (special thanks to Samantha Ritchie). Focus for the committee is on supporting the upcoming SIOP conference as well as putting in place the third prong of the mentoring program, which will be to focus on a longer term mentor relationship framework (and network).
b.     Science for HR: Rich Cober has worked with Mark Schmidt from SHRM’s Research area to facilitate Practitioner Reviews of the initial set of practice series articles. To this end, we have reviewed three articles to date (the third will be sent back to SHRM by end of December). Thanks to Dennis Doverspike, Samantha Ritchie, Amy Duvernet, and Alex Alonso for their contributions to the review process. Rich is awaiting to hear back on next steps from SHRM – anticipating a communication from Mark in the January time frame.    
Professional Practice Committee Next Steps (Looking ahead to 2011)
The Professional Practice Committee anticipates the following work to be advanced or further explored in 2011:
1.    Practitioner Journal Reviews – Exploring and working on the way to frame Practitioner Reviewers for I/O Journals – defining a set of criteria that may be used to guide such reviews and keep practitioners more engage in our science
The Practice Committee would like to explore a path for setting standards for “Practitioner Reviews” of journals. To this point, there has been no work besides confirming committee member interest in supporting this area as we are focused on other goals at this point (ISO Standards and supporting the APA CRSPP review). This is an area that will be explored in 2011. 
2.    Working on Professional Presentations that can be given at business conferences and in forums where I/O’s traditionally have not been heard. Focus of these presentations would be on explaining Industrial/Organizational Psychology and its value add to business (and society)

This effort is linked to work done by the Visibility committee. Carl Persing is the representative for Professional Practice on the Visibility committee and reports that this is an important goal of the Visibility committee and there are some draft presentations being created that would need some review by practice members in the near future. There has not been significant progress on this front for the past quarter. In 2011, the committee will determine whether this should fall off our priority list.
If you have any questions or if you need more information about any of the information contained in this committee report, contact Rich Cober via email at rich.cober@marriott.com  or by phone at (301) 380-4811.