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TIP Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Lisa Steelman
Date: December 6, 2010

 Progress Report
Committee Members:
Joan Brannick (Practitioners’ Forum)
Stuart C. Carr (Pro-Social Issues)
Scott Cassidy (Graduate Student)
Satoris Culbertson (Academics’ Forum)
Lily Cushenbery (Graduate Student)
Marcus Dickson (Max. Classroom Capacity)
Eric Dunleavy (Legal Front)
Joshua Fairchild (Graduate Student)
Tom Giberson (Good Science-Good Practice)
Patricia Grabarek (Graduate Student)
Arthur Gutman (Legal Front)
Milt Hakel (Foundation Spotlight)
Scott Highhouse (History)
Rachel Hoult (Graduate Student)
Paul Levy (History)
Jamie Madigan (Good Science-Good Practice)
David Pollack (Conferences & Meetings)
Katina Sawyer (Graduate Student)
Shin-I-Shih (Graduate Student)
Rob Silzer (Practice Perspectives)
Amie Skattebo (Graduate Student)
Lori Foster Thompson (Spotlight on Global I-O)
Christian Thoroughgood (Graduate Student)
Stephen Young (Editorial Assistant)
Michael Zickar (History)
TIP Strategic Planning Goals & Status:
All TIP goals pertain to one or more of the SIOP strategic planning goals.
  1. Provide features of interest to scientists, practitioners and educators. Continue the excellence and quality established by predecessors.
On-going Action:
a)     Ensure a diversity of features, columns, and news items in each issue.
b)     All TIP columns and submissions continue to be reviewed for appropriateness, relevance, and quality; assistance in reviewing is provided by the editorial board and external reviewers.
  1. Continue to cultivate an international community and promote awareness of international issues.
On-going Action:
a)     Solicit Feature Articles as appropriate
b)     Explore the possibility of adding a new column on international I-O approaches.
  1. Investigate moving the submission process online.
On-going Action: The Administrative Office has now completed a beta site for online submissions. The Editor will review with administrator and seek feedback from editorial board.
Completed: TIP website was modified and streamlined. Relevant information is easier to find and use.
  1. Feature the annual conference in the April (pre conference) and July (post conference) issues.
  1. Feature the Leading Edge conference in the January issue.
  1. Evaluate member satisfaction with TIP and identify improvements.
On-going Action: Future SIOP member surveys will be analyzed and reviewed for identification of areas of improvements in TIP.
Updates or Comments from Chair:
(1) I propose a slight modification to editorial processes. I would like to rename the current Editorial Board to Columnists and create an ad hoc review/editorial board. Currently the columnists are asked to review unsolicited feature articles. Most of these feature articles come in and need reviews during the weeks that the columnists are writing their columns and the columnists have already made a large commitment to TIP in the form of writing 4 columns a year. I would like to create a separate review board who would commit to reviewing approximately 2 unsolicited articles per year. Members of the current Editorial Board may choose to serve on the Review board, or opt off.
Great thanks to all the editorial board members for their outstanding contributions. Thanks to Clif Boutelle, who provides regular columns and editorial support. A special thank you to the SIOP Administrative Office; especially Jen Baker, Lori Peake, Stephany Schings and Dave Nershi, for their support and professionalism in making TIP a success.
Respectfully submitted,
Lisa A. Steelman
Florida Institute of Technology
150 W. University Blvd.
Melbourne FL 32901
(p) 321.674.7316