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Progress Report – Awards Committee

Wendy Boswell, Chair
June 2008
  1. Goal: Develop protocol for award process 
    • Disseminate award protocol (“process map”) to the EC prior to Fall EC meeting
    • Discuss protocol at the Fall EC meeting
    • Incorporate feedback and revise for final EC approval by end of 2008
  1. Goal: Increase the number of nominations submitted for the “Distinguished” awards 
    • Continue to increase “advertisement” of awards and nomination process
    • The EC has been asked to assist with encouraging nominations for the Service Award in particular
    • The EC will be updated regarding the number of nominations three weeks prior to the nomination deadline
  1. Goal: Enhance the diversity of members of the Award Committee
·        Bring in broadened and considerate perspectives on the award committees
·        Scholars from diverse sources and backgrounds have been asked and have agreed to serve on the award committee. Diversity on dimensions such as:
o       Non-U.S.
o       teaching universities
o       practitioners
o       volunteer forms
o       balance of individuals in different programs (e.g., psych vs. business schools)
o       not necessarily past winners of the respective award
  1. Goal: Restructure the Raymond A. Katzell Award  
·        Paul Thayer discussed various options with Kitty and Kitty responded with her preference
·        The Katzell Award has been revised
Updates or Comments From Chair:
Most of the Committees have been formed (see Appendix A) and have been input into the on-line system along with the rating form for each award.
The nomination process closes June 30. I will then review the nominations to ensure completeness of the files, resolve any issues, and then inform to the respective award chair (as well as the committee members for those awards I oversee) by July 7 that the review process can begin. The committees will then review and evaluate nominees. The committee chairs will have until August 15 to send me their report with their recommendation and support material.
The Katzell Award will be changed given the challenges in awarding this honor the past few years. The following is a restatement of the Katzell Award:
The Award is designed to recognize a SIOP member who has been instrumental in supplying significant reports of contributions of I-O research to society. Recipients of the Award will be invited to the SIOP Annual Meeting to receive the Award and to make a presentation. Given the changes to the Katzell award, that committee will be soliciting (and finding) nominations this Fall and will determine a winner Spring 2009.

Appendix A
Distinguished Professional Contributions Award:
            (Chair) Boswell
Ed Salas (University of Central Florida)
Robert Folger (University of Central Florida)
            Frank Landy (Landy Litigation Support Group)
            Darrin Sorrells (Wright State University)
Morgan McCall (U. of Southern California)
Phyllis Tharenou (U. of Queensland)
Winfred Arthur (Texas A&M)
Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award:
            (Chair) Boswell
            David Hofmann (UNC)
            Kevin Murphy (Penn State)
Katherine Klein (U. of Penn)
Dov Eden (Tel Aviv University)
Beryl Hesketh (U. of Western Sydney)
Ruth Kanfer (Georgia Tech)
Angelo DeNisi (Tulane)
Distinguished Service Contributions Award:
            (Chair) Boswell
            Janet Barnes-Farrell (U. of Connecticut)
Wayne Camara (College Board)
            Neil Christiansen (Central Michigan)
Ronald Johnson (North Dakota State)
            Richard Klimoski (George Mason)
Alan Witt (U. of Houston)
Stephen Zaccaro (George Mason)
Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award:
            (Chair) Boswell
Brent Smith (London Business School/Rice)
Adrienne Colella (Tulane)
Greg Stewart (Iowa)
Gilad Chen (University of Maryland)
Tammy Allen (U. South Florida)
Connie Wanberg (U. Minn)
Filip Lievens (Ghent University)
Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award:
            (Chair) Marcus Dickson (Wayne State)
Micki Hebl (Rice)
Jennifer Hughes (Agnes Scott College)
Roseanne Foti (Virginia Tech)
Michael Coovert (S. Florida)
Mark Ehrhart (San Diego State)
Linda Bajdo (Macomb Community College)
Kathy Wiegand (Georgia Gwinnett College)
M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace:           



(Chair) Jeff Johnson (PDRI) 

Suzanne Bell (DePaul)


Maggie Brooks (Bowling Green)


Maynard Goff (PDI)


Lisa Lambert (Georgia State)


Robert Lewis (Microsoft)


Adam Meade (NC State) 


William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award:
            (Chair) Gary Greguras (Singapore Management University)
Doug Brown (University of Waterloo)

Pat Converse (Florida Institute of Technology)

Leslie DeChurch (Florida International University)
Marylene Gagne (Concordia University)

Roni Reiter-Palmon (University of NE at Omaha)

Robert Sinclair (Portland State University)

Bradford Bell (Cornell)
Adam Grant (UNC, Chapel Hill)
S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award:
            (Chair) John Donovan (Rider)
Jim Diefendorff (University of Akron)
Jodi Goodman (University of Connecticut)
Olexander (Sasha) Chernyshenko (Nanyang Business School)
Subrahmaniam (Subra) Tangirala (University of Maryland)
Linda Shanock (UNC Charlotte)
Craig Wallace (Oklahoma State)