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SIOP Journal: “Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice”

Editor: Paul Sackett
This is not a “committee” per se. I serve as editor, and am advised by both a standing editorial board and by project teams assembled for each issue of the journal.
The task of the editor is to produce 4 issues per year. As of this writing, 2 issues (1:1 and 1:2) have been published, issue 1:3 is in production, commentaries for issue 1:4 are under review, focal articles for 2:1 are in progress, and invitations for several focal articles for the next issues of volume 2 have been issued.
Goals for the year are to continue to generate packages of focal articles accompanied by commentaries on topics of broad interest to the I-O field, and to continue to involve a mix of academically-base and practice-based authors and U.S. and international authors.
My term as editor ends with the conclusion of Volume 2 of the journal. An editor search process is underway, with a new editor stepping in at the 2009 SIOP conference. Thus an additional goal is to assist the search committee as needed, and to work with the editor-designate on the transition the editorship.