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Scientific Affairs Committee Goals and Progress Report Form


Steve W. J. Kozlowski, Chair

30 May 2008

Goals Report


(1) Science Advocacy Task Force.

Last year Scientific Affairs, with the assistance of the Federation, organized its first Science Forum (coordinated by Ruth Kanfer) on Work and Aging: Psychological-Organizational Science Contributions to the Management of an Aging and Age-Diverse Workforce. The Science Forum was a continuation of an ongoing activity initiated by the prior Chair of the Committee. Early impressions by Ruth Kanfer of the effectiveness of the Science Forum in advancing SIOP’s goals of science advocacy were somewhat mixed. As a result, I proposed that Scientific Affairs form a Taskforce to examine the Science Forum experience and to propose a number of alternative actions designed to build an infrastructure of expertise within SIOP to advocate for our science.


Action Item: Scientific Affairs to organize a Taskforce to consider the effectiveness of the Science Forum experience and to generate alternative options to facilitate science advocacy by SIOP.


That Action Item was approved. The committee will serve a support role to the Taskforce (providing information, etc.) and that support will constitute primary activities of the committee for 2008-09.


Time Frame: Initial planning is underway. It is unlikely that I will be able to attend the EC meeting in 2009, which is not ideal. However, I view this as a long term activity. Depending on what we discover, the Taskforce may deliberate beyond April 2009 and my duration as Chair of Scientific Affairs.


Action Steps: Identify membership, generate tasks, and plan for organization and coordination. Independently collect data. Meet and compile. Develop report.


Expected Results: Greater awareness among Federal funding agencies for the expertise of SIOP members. Alternative actions to build expertise within the SIOP membership for science advocacy and funding (SIOP Goals 1 and 2).


Committee Members:


Bradford S. Bell, Cornell University

Jay Goodwin, U. S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Seth Kaplan, George Mason University