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Program Committee Goals and Progress Report Form


Committee Chair Name: John C. Scott

Date: 5-28-08

X Goals Report


Committee Members:

Steven Rogelberg
Anthony Adorno
John DeVille
Katy Melcher
Chad Van Iddekinge
Ivan Kulis
Dave Daly
Michael Hargis
Mo Wang
Eden King
Autumn D. Krauss
Jeanie Whinghter
Sara Weiner
Stephen Dwight
Rob BrinerDeborah E. Rupp
Peter Bachiochi
Alessia D'Amato
Daniel B.Turban
Adam M. Grant
Michele Ehler
John Howes
Russell Johnson
Chris Rosen
H.P. Sin
Daisy Chang
Glenda Fisk
Denise M. Rousseau
Sara Rynes
Jone Pearce
Gerard Beenen
Linda Shanock
Jamie Donsbach
Ronald Piccolo
David Hofmann


Program Goals and Progress to Date
1.  Create communication vehicles for ’09 SIOP program

  • Program Call currently being revised

  • Reviewer documents being revised

  • TIP article produced announcing program in New Orleans

2. Successfully execute the new software system designed for the program

  • Enhance programmer specifications document as needed

  • Monitor and quality check program

3. Create 3-day conference program for our members

  • All subcommittees have started work (Thurs Track, Friday Track, Reviewing, Friday Seminar; COI/IP/CEU; Call for proposal/Flanagan;

  • Theme tracks being designed

  • Friday seminars already outlined

  • External speakers being identified

  • June visit scheduled for New Orleans

4. Help prepare new program chair (‘10) for the job

  • Documenting all steps and adding to the detailed document that 3 previous program chairs (Julie, Tammy and Steven) produced.