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Goals for 2009-2010 SIOP Education and Training Committee

Chair, Marcus Dickson

“Maintenance” Goals carrying over from 2008-2009

1. Continue to provide information and referral services concerning group study abroad opportunities for SIOP to coordinate among U.S. graduate programs.

1.1. Bill Attenweiler continues to lead this committee, and will continue to seek out and promote study abroad opportunities for I/O graduate programs.

2. Maintain and increase the SIOP Teaching Wiki website’s content (i.e., syllabi, in-class activities, and out-of-class projects), as well as the awareness of the site by potential users.

2.1. Julie Lyon continues to chair this sub-committee, and under her guidance and that of her predecessors, the SIOP Teaching Aids Wiki has moved to a stable platform and grown significantly; it has been publicized through a variety of teaching-oriented listservs; and has had a special focus story on the SIOP website highlighting the wiki.

3. Continue to host the annual Program Directors Meeting in conjunction with the Long-Range Planning Committee

3.1. In 2009, the Program Directors Meeting was moved “off-program” at the SIOP Conference, and an email was sent to all program directors to alert them to the time and date of the meeting. Attendance was approximately double what it has been in the past, and the group generated many useful suggestions for E&T to pursue or to refer. The E&T Chair and Chair-in-Training, along with a representative from Long-Range Planning, will work with the Conference Committee to again schedule the Program Directors Meeting and to publicize it in advance to Program Directors of Ph.D. and MA/MS programs.

4. Continue to support the Doctoral Consortium as an important part of the SIOP Conference

4.1. The Doctoral Consortium is a long-standing part of the SIOP Conference, and it operates largely independently. Larry Williams is the current chair of the Doctoral Consortium. On the official SIOP Organization Chart, the Doctoral Consortium is considered a sub-committee of Education and Training, and so we include it as a goal here.

Carryover Goals from 2008-2009 to be completed in 2009-2010

5. Assess the current state of education and training in consulting and business skills in US I-O master's and Ph.D. training programs, and to compare this with employers' perceptions of the preparedness of new I-O Ph.D.s in terms of the basic business and consulting skills.

5.1. Alexis Fink is chairing this sub-committee. The surveys were conducted in April, 2009, and the sub-committee’s report(s) should be completed over the summer of 2009.

6. Publicize the Introductory Psychology-oriented PowerPoint slides (that are already developed by previous E&T leadership and members) to textbook publishing companies for inclusion in their instructor ancillaries.

6.1. Through the efforts of E&T, Pearson/Prentice Hall have already had preliminary conversations with SIOP Executive Director David Nershi about including the actual PowerPoint files in the ancillary materials distributed with their Introductory Psychology textbooks. Distribution rights for the SIOP materials would be non-exclusive, and E&T will continue to pursue other publishing companies in order to make these materials more widely available.

7. Enhance the Educators Page on the SIOP Website

7.1. E&T has received many good suggestions for ways to enhance the usefulness of the Educators page on the SIOP Website, and we will work with the SIOP Staff to execute an update and maintenance of that page. Specific goals include providing The SIOP brochure about I-O Psychology in pdf format; Clear descriptions of APA policy on graduate recruiting and admissions, including policies on deadlines for rescinding offers of admission, differences in policies on simple admission vs. admission with an offer of an assistantship, policies on students rescinding their acceptances of offers of admission and offers of admission with an assistantship, etc.; Easy links to TIP articles most relevant to Educators; Information on internships; and RSS feed capability (or other alternatives) that allow users to “subscribe” to the Educators page, rather than have to check back to find updates. Scott Tonidandel will coordinate the efforts to help bring this page enhancement to fruition.

8. Develop materials for graduate students on research funding opportunities and strategies for acquiring research funding.

8.1. There is a large contingent of graduate students who have expressed interest in volunteering with E&T this year, and this sub-committee is an excellent opportunity for them to be involved.  David Costanza will be chairing this sub-committee.

9. Re-develop the I-O Ambassadors Program so that it can begin to achieve the goals that were initially set for it.

9.1. This has been an on-going goal. Changes in sub-committee leadership have affected the ability to get the program fully up and running, though substantial progress was made last year. Stuart Sidle has taken over the leadership of this sub-committee, and will be working to establish an automated system for linking Ambassador requests with Ambassador volunteers, and to publicize the availability of Ambassadors to likely Ambassador requestors.

New Goals for 2009-2010

10. Hold a Conversation Hour at the SIOP Conference (preferably as part of the program, but off-program if this is not possible) between MA/MS programs and Ph.D. programs

10.1. This goal comes as a request from the 2009 Program Directors meeting. The goal of the conversation hour would be to foster conversation around what Ph.D. programs are looking for when they consider applicants who already possess a master’s degree from a terminal master’s program, what terminal master’s degree programs can provide to make those candidates who choose to pursue a Ph.D. more competitive for Ph.D. programs, and what Ph.D. programs will typically accept (i.e., credits, courses, thesis) for a candidate entering with a terminal master’s degree.
10.2. The conversation hour could then generate a set of FAQs that could be added to the SIOP Educators page as a resource for faculty members at both doctoral and terminal master’s programs, so as to better advise students about their potential career paths in the field.

11. Engage with PACAT Inc., the publisher of the ACAT assessment of undergraduate student learning outcomes, in order to advocate for them to include I-O content as part of the ACAT assessment, which would likely lead to increased coverage of I-O topics in undergraduate curricula.