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1.      Roster:
There are two functional groups within the SIOP ECC. One group focuses on the Exchange (microsite blog plus RSS feed) and the other group focuses on the incipient wiki site development. This structure has developed organically based on personal interest and on the different goals of wikis & blogs.
Team members who focus on the wiki site:
David DuBois
Jenna Filipkowski
Team members who focus on the Exchange:
Charles Handler
Zack Horn
Other members:
Stephany Schings (SIOP AO liaison)
Ted Hayes (ECC leader)
2.      Goals:
The ECC has two product lines: Exchange and wiki. 
The Exchange was launched at the beginning of the 2009 SIOP conference. We are still experiencing growing pains, and we make mistakes. However, we have tried to learn as quickly as possible from our mistakes. We have the following goals:
  1. Recruit more bloggers. Several individuals approached about blogging have expressed concerns about being “too busy,” or have never blogged before. One individual claimed to be unable to blog because she was an executive of a private company. We have heard that some are unwilling to blog because they think what they say will be used against them later, or that blogging is for “ranters.” Thus our goal is to find individuals who are comfortable expressing themselves in an electronic medium.
  2. Incorporate more graphics. We have the ability to add interactive features such as surveys and usage charts. We are going to try these out.
  3. Integrate the Exchange with graduate program communication vehicles. Currently the Exchange is picked up by LinkedIn SIOP-related groups (plus the PTCMW LinkedIn group). We are going to approach graduate I/O program leaders about integrating the Exchange into the programs’ current communication vehicles (newsletters, websites, blogs, etc.)
  4. Integrate the Exchange with the incipient wiki. Presumably the Exchange should be able to connect automatically with the incipient wikis to alert members to new additions. Some SIOP members have expertise in this area that we will need to tap.
The ECC has been forming a business case for a wiki, or several wikis. First we attracted individuals who expressed interest in a wiki. Next, we contacted the SIOP Education & Training Committee regarding their wiki site. We learned, for example, that the E&T wiki had been attacked by naughty spambots who left behind graphic materials. Also, we heard the same issues come up about the wiki that we have experienced regarding the Exchange: lack of participation is deadly. However, we have tried to learn from that same experience and also from the SIOP 2008 practitioner survey. We have the following goals:
  1. Start with a wiki that speaks to a community of interest’s passion. We believe that a wiki focused around a shared passion of a small group (community of interest). These are people who have a reason to use a tool such as a wiki. In contrast, the E&T wiki is a useful source, but it suffers from low visibility and lack of passion.
  2. Build a useful wiki too. Passion is good, but wikis should also serve purposes such as being an archive for SIOP. We believe a natural market for a useful wiki is the practitioner audience, thus our next goal…
  3. Align the wiki with the 2008 SIOP Practitioner Survey results. Alignment between the wiki and practitioner needs was seen to accomplish the following:
·        Provide summaries, digests or abstracts of I-O psychology research and practice
·        Provide professional review, along the lines of evidence-based practice, of research findings and research grounded tools
·        Provide standards to evaluate services and practices
·        Present summaries through a variety of channels - conferences, online, books, tapes webcasts, forums, and email links
·        Actively manage the I-O Research and Practice knowledge base, with a central portal; Provide website to access SIOP conference papers
At this point, the wiki needs to be approved (this may require funding) and built up by ECC members within a community of interest. One ECC member is writing an Exchange blog entry about the wiki process in the hopes of generating interest in the subject and visibility for the wiki.
Other activities
1. Use of other web 2.0 applications, such as Twitter, may spread, and these applications should be reviewed relative to the Exchange and wiki.
2. We recommend that SIOP develop a strategic communication plan to review the different venues by which the organization communicates and disseminates information. These may include the roles of TIP, Exchange, wiki, newsletter, website, and LinkedIn groups.
3. A final goal of ECC is to develop a transition plan. The current ECC has initiated the Exchange and (soon) the wiki, but the next generation of ECC should have the expertise to grow these media.