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Membership Committee Goals

Submitted by Adrienne Colella
June 5, 2009

1. Maintain smooth operation of application evaluation process.

• Six new members have been added to the committee, with only one dropping off. Will add a few more in the following months.
• No overlap with other committees.

2. Create an exit survey for people who drop their SIOP membership to determine why they are leaving the organization. This could be distributed when they are notified that they are remiss on their dues.

• Overlap with Institutional Research Committee and possibly CEMA

3. Conduct a survey of people who have left SIOP in the past 5-10 years to determine reasons for leaving.

• Overlap with Institutional Research Committee

4. Statistically monitor progress of student members to explain the big drop off from student membership to professional membership. Must be able to determine who drops out because they leave school or they do not have careers as industrial psychologists. Then survey those who continue in and I-O career, but choose not to join SIOP.

• Overlap with Institutional Research Committee

5. Continue the new member social/meeting prior to SIOP. Attendance has been good.

* An issue in need of discussion: The status of people applying who earned their PHD from an online program. Currently they are accepted as members if their institution is accredited by someone. This is a growing body of applicants.