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Placement Center and Jobnet Committee Goals and Progress Report Form

Committee Chair Name: Kevin Smith and Ryan O’Leary

Date: June 5, 2009

Goals Report
Committee Members: Eric Kidwell, Ryan O’Leary, Steve Russell, Erin Swartout, Stacey Lange
·        All of the Placement Center/Jobnet committee goals focus on providing high-quality services to I-O Psychologists and Job seekers that are not found elsewhere. This supports strategic goal 3, specifically, focusing on support for SIOP members in their efforts to study, apply, and teach the principles, findings, and methods of I-O psychology.
  1. Review usage data from 2009 conference and provide recommendations regarding hours for Placement Center to be open due to transition to 3-day format.
Action: Review data and make recommendation. (By end of August)
  1. Identify placement center strengths and weaknesses. Make recommendations for changes, as appropriate. Make recommendations for changes, as appropriate.
Action:Analyze placement center evaluation survey data and make recommendations. (By end of August)
3. Increase participation by local area groups for ‘10 Conference.
Action: Research I-O and other relevant employers in the Atlanta area. Solicit local employer involvement at SIOP Atlanta. (Research by end of December, Solicit beginning in February ongoing until Conference)
  1. Ensure Placement Center needs are accommodated by SIOP Atlanta host hotel.  
Action: Attend Winter Advance and perform a walk-through of location (February 2010).
5.  Integrate new functionality of Jobnet into placement center and provide support to Larry Nader during the implementation of updated Jobnet.
Action: Provide beta testing and feedback, integrate Jobnet functionality into placement center, and write-up marketing materials/articles highlighting the changes in Jobnet/placement (Ongoing).
Updates or Comments From Chair: