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Professional Practice Series Goals

Allen Kraut, Editor

June 13, 2009,

There have been no substantive changes in the Committee's goals or major activities since the last report was submitted.
In April, 2009 the Professional Practice Editorial Board met for 90 minutes, in the evening before the SIOP Conference started in New Orleans. We discussed in broad outlines the topics and books that might be proposed during the coming years. No closure was achieved, but the primary topics which had the most appeal centered on Selection, Leadership, and Organizational Innovation.
A budget request has been submitted this month that would allow the Board to meet just before the SIOP Conference in Atlanta, to create a meaningful long term plan for the Professional Practice Series.
I have had some preliminary conversations with Eduardo Salas about the possibility of a coordinated pair of volumes, one from the Practice Series that is linked to one in the Frontiers Series.  We are exploring the possibility of using the next Leading Edge Conference on Selection and Assessment as a possible basis for such a pair.  Note that the LEC has a Practice Chair as well as a Science Chair, and might be a good fit.  
The makeup of the Board was altered slightly at our April meeting, increasing from 9 to 11 members. Steve Rogelberg dropped out and three non-US based SIOP members were added to give more of a global viewpoint. These included Ashkanasy of Australia, Anderson of The Netherlands, and Harry Hui of Hong Kong.. The complete list of Board members is now as follows: 

Adler, Seymour
Anderson, Neal R. (Netherlands) *
Ashkanasy, Neil M. (Australia )*
Fogli, Lawrence
Hui, Harry C. (Hong Kong)*
Kolmstetter, Elizabeth B.
Kraut, Allen I.
Lundby, Kyle
Lundquist, Kathleen Kappy
Macey, William H.
Saari, Lise M.
Rogelberg, Steven G. Dropped in 2009