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SIOP State Affairs Committee

Greg Gormanous, Ph.D.
M. Peter Scontrino, Ph.D.

June 5, 2009

2009 Goals for the State Affairs Committee

Goal One.  Reconstitute the committee membership with at least three new members.

Goal Two.  Continue to review and update website information, including links to state and provincial boards.

Goal Three:  Provide referrals and information to members/student affiliates seeking licensure.

Goal Four:  Continue to scan the environment in relation to license requirements and issues.

Goal Five:  Continue to collect sunset information on licensing laws for all state and provinces.

Goal Six:  Communicate state developments and licensure issues to members.

Goal Seven:  Participate in Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards annual meeting to continue to keep them aware of the needs of I/O psychologists.

Goal Eight:  Establish a liaison with the graduate student organization to make licensing information readily available to graduate students

Goal Nine:  Distribute brochure on licensing written by Judy Blanton

Peter Scontrino
Greg Gormanous

Email  peter@scontrinopowell.com